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Sorry I have been late, as you can expect I’ve been running around seeing all my friends and family because……I’M BACK HOME!!!! Such a great feeling being able to say I have completed a term at university! (I’ll post my Vlog as soon as I edit it)

ANYWAY! York was a mini tour that was led by the Classics society! At first I was so nervous to go because there were only 4 other freshers going so I would be hanging around 2nd and 3rd years…..not as scary as it may seem. Tour is just a great way to relax but also explore with new people and hopefully help you to form new friends. And for me it did!

We left for York on Monday and arrived back in Warwick on Wednesday. There was so much to do, and I defo recommend you going at Christmas time because it’s so festive! First we went to the York minister it was amazing! If you like to look at old architecture and enjoy learning about the context of buildings go on the tour! After we did some shopping, splitting into manageable groups and then we went for dinner. It was sweet, everyone was so friendly and open for a conversation. The older students always provide great advice, so being able to ask questions to solve your problems is always valuable. Then we went out and went to a couple bars and clubs. Unfortunately, it was quite quiet (had to double check the spelling!) because it was the end of term so most of York’s students had gone home for the holidays, nonetheless we still had a good time. A night out is purely what you make it, all you need is good music and good company!

Next day, went to the Viking Museum and searched for the Roman sites around the city, they blend so well into the historic landscape of the city. In the evening we went to Bills for dinner and went out for drinks. It was a great way to end the term and do all my Christmas shopping! But in all honesty, I enjoyed it so much! I strengthened friendships and made new ones. A key thing I’ve learnt is that I should never be afraid of someone being unapproachable; you’ll find that out once you’ve spoken to them!

Vlog will be up soon, (yes, I know, I always say that…..)

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