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Yellow T-shirts and Open Days!

It’s strange to think that not too long ago I was visiting Warwick for the first time on an open day, and then last Friday and Saturday I was working the Open Days as a yellow t-shirt clad member of Warwick Welcome Service!

I had the best time working on the Open days; the weather was lovely (for the most part!), the other WWS I was working alongside were so friendly and it was lovely to meet prospective students and their families! On the Friday I was assigned to the campus tours tent, where I helped direct people to the tours and other buildings on campus, then got reallocated to the Physics concourse where I helped count people in and out of the lecture theatres. For the Saturday open day I was working in the maths building, again organising queues for the talks happening in the department, and meant I had some great conversations with students about the Maths and MathsPhys courses! It was amazing to see so many passionate and enthusiastic people, and reminded me of when I was applying to university.

The Open days are just one opportunity to work for WWS; there are also numerous campus tours and school visits, amongst other jobs, available throughout the year. Applying to be part of the WWS is a great way to get involved in Warwick campus life, by representing the university to external visitors as well as earning a little bit of money! I have met some great people through doing this, and would really recommend everyone to give it a go if possible!

To see what else was happening on campus for the open days, check out the Open Day twitter account!

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