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Year 3 optional modules

Now that my exams are over, I have had time to think about which modules I want to take for next academic year. I wish to go onto the Medicinal Chemistry MChem stream as it would allow me to have some time to apply for medical school after and to enjoy my degree a lot more as well – Chemistry so far, I have found really intriguing and I can’t wait to come across and learn more especially in depth about a lot of things.

For next academic year the core modules are organic, inorganic, physical and analytical sciences and the laboratory elements are embedded into this. Of course, this could change for the years after, however this is the current format. Out of these I’m probably mostly going to enjoy Analytical and Inorganic as I love analytical techniques such as NMR and IR spectrocopy. The workshops we had in second year made me realise how much I enjoyed this aspect of the course. I also loved learning about periodic trends, organometallic chemistry as well as d-orbitals in my second year, hence I think I’d find the inorganic module more interesting.

I thought hard about my optional modules, because all of them will have elements of chemistry that I enjoy, however I ended up deciding to take:

1. Molecular Dynamics – I loved Statistical Mechaniscs this year as it was not too Maths heavy, but built a little on theory as well. The module was taught very well by Dr. Sosso, who is new to the department. Nevertheless it didn’t stop him from teaching it in an excellent manner and this being my favourite module. I found an interest not only to molecular simulations, but also to the slightly different concepts involved in this such as chemical equilibria and kinetics. I know the Molecular Dynamics module would be different to the Statistical Mechanics from second year, however there are few similarities and looking at the module proposal form, it seems that I would enjoy this a lot as well.

2. Pharmacology – Given that I enjoy learning about drugs being used within the medicinal field, I think this module would allow me to explore further into the biological aspects of the course and it’s something I can fully relate to, due to my passion for Medicine in general. This module (for next year) will be entirely based on coursework and as I am stronger in courseworks rather than exams, I believe that this would suit me more and reduce the pressure in a way with regards to having other exams, especially earlier on in the academic cycle.

3. Bioinorganic – I believe that this module overlaps a lot with the current second year Transition metal chemistry, but of course goes into greater depth. Here I have the chance to finally learn about f-orbitals and like a wise friend of mine said "I’m not leaving university without learning about f-orbitals." I’d definitely agree with her here, because of my attachment for Chemistry, f-orbitals have always piqued my curiosity and this is something I want to explore fully next year.

4. Communicating Science – This again is fully based on assignments rather than exams. For the current second years, this is similar to Key Skills. This would consist of presentations, poster and more IT related skills and since I’ll have a pile of exams anyways, I believe that this module would allow me to build on my communication skills as well as organisation.

5. Extended Labs – The main reason I am taking this is because I want the RSc accreditation. With medical school (like with any other career) it is hard to predict whether you’ll make it or not and having already had a rejection when I applied before my undergraduate studies, I decided that I need a back up. My back up probably is just as hard as Medicine, but the idea is to do a Phd as an alternative ideally in something relating to molecular simulations. Just hopefully my results at the end of next week help me achieve any of the options I’m considering. The other reason is that I do love labs. I’ve always performed the best in them and believe that this could help me bring up my average.

All the modules I have listed above may change when you get to third year, however hopefully some of the elements of them would stay the same. I am actually really looking forward to third year. The exams will all be earlier on, so most likely at the end of the second term and my assignments would be spread out between the first and second term (potentially some of them even due in the third term). After easter, the main focus would be labs and as I have always enjoyed the labs, this is something that I feel very excited about.

I believe that now everyone should have finished their exams, whether this be at univeristy or A Levels. I hope everyone has a long and well-rested holiday ahead of them. You all deserve it!

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