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Year 3 Half Term 2 Update

Elena Sandu | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Elena

Hello again and welcome back to a new blog post! I can not believe that year 3 is halfway done already. Even though everyone is busy with dissertation/ assignments/ group projects/ job applications/ online tests/ job interviews/ assessment centres/ readings/ lectures/ seminars, I managed to take a break from all the buzz and come to my favourite leisure activity: blogging. January went by extremely fast, so were the first 5 weeks of Term 2. Even though the first week I spent at home in Romania, the moment I stepped foot on British soil I knew what I was getting myself into- the most intense, work-filled period of my life so far. For the past two years I have been writing many tips/ advice blog posts, hence this will not be one. It will mostly be a review of the past month and an update on how and where my life is heading: from uni to job applications, interviews, online tests to essays, dissertation, marketing events, visiting old friends, being a guest and going to an amazing concert in Birmingham.

The first two weeks of uni were uneventful and quite a bit dull, but I managed to stay on top of work and deliver my best-written essays so far for Professional Communication and Quantitative Research. This month also marked the deadline for submitting our Methodology section in our dissertations, which was quite a milestone in the process of writing our 10K words assignment since we are halfway through with that as well (Introduction+Lit Review+Methodology=5000 words/ out of 10.000). On a side note, I am getting more and more intrigued by where my case study is going and I truly hope I will deliver an outstanding piece of work on 12th April (deadline for submitting our dissertation- only 2 months away!). In week 2 I went for 2 days in London to visit my close friend, days where I had two interviews for marketing grad positions (wish me luck), went for sushi at Sticks’n’Sushi in Canary Wharf(delish) and had an overall amazing time. Then the following week I got an invitation from one of my oldest friends Irina (you might know her from some of my previous posts) to visit her that weekend in Manchester since it marked the end of a great submission for her portfolio (Irina studies architecture at the University of Manchester). I first had to take a day to think about it and to see if I can manage to do all my weekly work, meetings and assignments until that Friday so I can actually go and see her. And I am so glad I did: we went to a Romanian Society party on Friday evening, followed by a lovely stroll and shopping session around the Arndale Shopping Centre area. Saturday we went to a latino party in central Manchester and Sunday we decided to stay in and have our bonding and pampering time since the rest of the hectic weekend we spent with Irina’s friends and coursemates.


The following two-three weeks I returned to Coventry and got back to work and my usual schedule. I was quite tired and my sleeping routine got a bit disorganised, but after two exhausting days of extra work and less amount of sleep, I managed to return to my routine. I have to admit that the past two weeks were a bit rough since the end of week 4 marked Ebru’s (my best friend) visit to Coventry. Until the Friday she was coming in, I managed to finish all my work in time so I can spend the weekend with my guest. On Friday evening we went to a European society party in Leam: Eurotrash, followed by an amazing day in Birmingham, where we got to see Daniel Caesar live at the O2 Institute. He is a special artist for both of us since we discovered him together around a year ago. He’s only 22 and if you haven’t heard anything from him so far, then I truly urge you to do so: for starters try listening to “Violet” or “Japanese Denim”, followed by “Get you” or “Best Part”, two of his better-known singles. He was also nominated for two Grammys this year, hence you will hear more from him for sure. I loved having Ebru around and we had an amazing experience together- the first real highlight of 2018.

Week 5 has just started and I already know that I will not be doing any exciting things this week since it is truly a recovery week in terms of work, sleeping schedule, detox, and mindfulness. I want to continue to look after my mental and physical health, to not stress and to work on all of my assignments and extracurricular activities at my own pace and in the right way. I will insert pictures from the month of January throughout the post. Thank you for stopping by and we’ll see each other in my 2nd blog post of February!

Elena Sandu | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Elena

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