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Year 2 – Workshops Please!

Hi folks

Firstly, let me apologise for being gone for so long. It’s been a hectic month with family holidays, get togethers and of course settling in to year 2!

Year 2 has began….

Primarily I’m so happy to be back learning after what seemed an everlasting summer and getting back into a routine if nothing else is certainly what I thrive off. My first day back I felt my brain had rewound itself to the start of year one where I hadn’t been in education for 12 years, let alone just having a few months off.

I’ve certainly noticed a difference this year academically and the workload already seems tougher however most of all, I’ve noticed not only have my tutors cranked up their terminology usage a level, they’re allowing us, or rather pushing us, to express initiative as appose to giving myself and the rest of the students direct instructions. I know to some (including myself) using your initiative academically is not always easy and is certainly something I’ll be working on this term. I feel when I’m given an open road to work down, it takes an excructiating amount of time just to think of a topic, let alone expand on it further. “Do your project on something that interests you.’’ – Suddenly, I draw a blank and have nothing interesting about myself let alone a topic I can call of interest!!

The deadlines are drawing in already and I’ve only just opened my pencil case! – So how am I going to pull my head out of my backside and get back in to the student ‘swing of things’?… – WORKSHOPS!!

This year I am going to be making full use of the FREE workshops offered to current students at the university. They are an incredible resource for getting together with students clearly in the same situation, or have the same concerns or weaknesses as yourself and to be taught and shown how to manage your time more effectively, think more critically or even just to help build your confidence and use initiative – (The one I’m definitely attending!)

If you need assistance on managing your time, taking notes, speed reading or any other restraints that are stopping you from sailing through your new term, please check out which workshops are available here.

I look forward to hearing from those of you who attend any of these workshops following my blog and I’ll certainly be sharing my experiences with you all.

Thanks for reading and good luck this year! xx

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