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Year 2…here I come, Welcome freshers!

Packed and waiting for my student loan!

Year 2 is on its way and for some reason I’m nervous. All work is going to count, higher expectations, no more ‘Oh, I’m only a fresher, I only need 40%". Hard work begins now. I’ve already got my pre-reading! And I already feel behind! But once I get back to Leamington I’ll hopefully get back into the zone. However, living in a house of 10 sounds brilliant but I get distracted so easily! But one thing that my first year has taught me, is that I need to improve my self-discipline and FOCUS!

Anyway, a bit of advice for moving into a new home.

  • Be respectful and friendly to your landlord. This person is going to be looking after your home, any problems with your property you need to go to them. So by having a good relationship with your landlord, problems can be solved at an easier and faster rate. For students going through Warwick Accommodation (Like me) contact your property manager ASAP so he/she can come look at the property with you and they might notice something you missed.
  • Take pictures of everything, the layout of your room, the furniture, any problems within the home, electric readings, maybe water readings, notice something take a picture of it. Evidence and records of things will be useful in the future.
  • REFRESH- Run all the taps, open all the windows, turn on the showers, clean the cupboards, fridges, every surface you can see! For most student properties many of them haven’t been used over the summer, so there might be a few strange smells.
  • Get your wifi sorted as soon as possible, book your appointment in advance because term time is a busy time for providers.

FRESHERS- Have fun, be brave, take every opportunity given to you. Never be afraid to ask questions. Any advice I’ll try my best to help 🙂

Have a great beginning to Term 1.

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