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Year 2 – getting my motivation back!

I think that the second year at university is a bit of a strange one. In your first year everything is new, you don’t know what to expect and it’s an exciting time. In your third year, the end is in sight and you know you’ve almost achieved what you have been working so hard for. The second year; however, that’s more of a challenge. In particular, I feel that it’s quite a challenge to get motivated. For me, having completed my first year, I now know how much work is involved. I know that a degree course isn’t an easy ride and it’s going to take a lot of hard work and determination. Plus, coming in to my second year, I also know that I’m not even half way through my course, so I’ve still got a long slog ahead of me. All of this, I find, is a little de-motivating. I imagine that I’m not the only second year student to feel this way, and I know that it’s important to get motivated, ready to face the workload and the challenges that my second year at Warwick will bring. So, to get my head back in the game, I have signed up for a number of free workshops, to help ease me back in to uni life. So far, I’ve attended an ‘intro to MS Office 365’ workshop (run by the IT Services Training Team) and a ‘getting started with skills development’ workshop (through the Undergraduate Skills Programme). Both workshops have been really interesting and informative. I’ve also signed up for a further three workshops and I’m on the waiting list for two more. I did a few workshops last year and I found that they really supported my degree course. Plus, they are free to staff and students, which is just fantastic.  


The IT Services Training Team run a programme of courses throughout each term, which can be booked online at: There are also a number of free ‘Skills and Student Development’ workshops, which can also be booked online:  


If, like me, you are in your second year at Warwick, the ‘Year 2 Toolkit’ (available online: is worth a read. The toolkit has been specifically designed to help students in their second year at Warwick. 


I’m now a month in to my second year at Warwick, and I’m starting to feel motivated again. Through attending the workshops, reading through the Year 2 Toolkit and attending my classes, my enthusiasm for studying is returning. Hopefully I’ll continue to feel motivated as the term (and year) progresses, and by the time my first assignment is submitted I’ll be raring to go!


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