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Writing for The Boar

This year I decided I wanted to get involved with more societies and that led me to apply for a position as deputy news editor at The Boar. I have been part of the team for around a month now and I’ve already learnt so much so I wanted to write this blog about why you should get involved.  

Experience- the Boar is run just like a large-scale newspaper with deadlines, different positions and has a prestigious reputation. I’ve learnt a lot about different editing formats and balancing meeting deadlines with my other University work which are all skills which look great on a CV. We also use social media on a regular basis to report and promote stories.  

The thrill of live news- at the weekend I went to a protest on campus to report it live and it was an exhilarating feeling. The whole news team was there and it was so interesting to gather comments from the protestors and learn how to take the most emotive footage. Running all over campus to get the most information possible just felt so exciting and it’s very much shown me what an art journalism is.  

Variety- no matter what your interest there’s bound to be something you can write about. The Boar has 15 sections from books to sport to news there’s so much going on all the time that you can get involved with. If you don’t want too much commitment you could also simply submit an article from the pitches whenever you feel like it rather than going for an official position. It’s still great for job applications to be able to show you’ve had your work published.  

Coronavirus- This has somewhat prevented me from seeing the whole side of working for The Boar because team members can only currently communicate via message or zoom whereas usually there’s an office that deputies and other team members can visit. However, I would like to say on the flip side that it’s a great time to be in the news section because there are just so many news stories flooding out whether about new restrictions or the vaccine. I feel the Boar have done an excellent job being able to run smoothly with everything going on in the world.  

So, there you have it, that’s my experience. I may do another blog in the future with updates of how I’m finding the Deputy Editor position and the specifics of what it involves. But for now, I hope this has given you some insight into whether the Boar is for you. 

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