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Writing for Boar Lifestyle

I wrote a blog on why I started writing for the science and technology section at the Boar encouraging other Warwick students to do the same. I thought I should do the same about other sections that I tend to write for more frequently. In comparison to SciTech, my contribution to Lifestyle(and Finance and others) is arguably negligible however I have always written articles for Lifestyle when I got ideas of my own. It has never been a matter of picking a pitch from Facebook.

Writing for Lifestyle and seeing my articles published has really helped me to realise that no matter how different, my experience of university is just as normal as the next person’s. It is strange how I have been able to change my viewpoint on myself through writing for lifestyle. My introvertness is something I used to regret because I felt it was hindering me in enjoying my life as much as the extroverts, especially seeing that sometimes my friends often worry that I am isolating myself.  Being slow is another thing, especially in labs, that bothered me the last two years in labs.

Only this year was I able to put down my thoughts on paper, confront my concerns and accept that this is probably not going to change. My contribution to Lifestyle therefore may have been tiny but it has made a large and positive contribution to my life. Perhaps if introvertness and slowness are worthy of appearing on The Boar (the latter making it in the print copy), these two traits couldn’t be as bad as I saw them.

Not just me but I have read many other articles by people opening up about many things and it is empowering to say the least. Articles questioning many viewpoints and norms and powerful stories by students on how they deal with many of the challenges that life throws at them, it is clear that we are all speaking up about how we live and writing about chapters of our lives. There is naturally a sense of understanding given that it is the student body that writes, publishes and reads therefore it helps build a sense of community engagement.

This has so far been my experience of writing for Lifestyle. If you have any questions, let me know. If you want to write for Lifestyle, you can find them on social media (Facebookand Twitter) or email them at lifestyle@theboar.org.

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