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Writing a study abroad application

Hi everyone,

My department’s deadline for studying abroad is fast approaching so I have compiled a short guide for writing an application.

Be honest with yourself, it’s okay if you don’t have experience abroad – that’s exactly what they are looking for! As long as you can demonstrate an interest in wanting to participate in an exchange, that far outweighs previous experience.

Describing your motivations for wanting to participate in an exchange:

– Discuss your motivations for applying more broadly

– Developing your academic and career goals may be a key reason

– Wanting to gain an international exposure

– Improving your cultural awareness

– Aiding your personal development through the enrichment activities available

Why you want to study in your chosen country/university:

– Research things like the modules available. Perhaps they are similar to Warwick and you want to see how they compare, or they are very different and you want to learn something completely different.

– Maybe research the travelling opportunities available or something about the culture that you find interesting.

– Youtube videos are useful here, just type “Why I should visit xyz” and it will come up with various videos that will aid your research!

Explaining how you will adapt to your chosen country:

– Demonstrate an awareness of the country’s culture

– Perhaps you want to live with other locals/exchange students to help your transition (both are fine and have their strengths and weaknesses)

– Is the university campus-based or city? Why do you like this over the other option?

– Is there a specific cultural activity that you are looking forward to engaging in?

What benefits will spending your third year abroad bring?

– Link this back to your reasons for applying.

– The academic benefits are vast

– Personal benefits to improve your confidence

– Travelling opportunities which will further aid your cultural awareness and even personal development 

Previous experiences which make you suitable for an exchange?

– It’s okay if you don’t have any direct experiences. 

– Have you travelled somewhere before, or visited a specific place even in the U.K that sparked your interest in seeking more knowledge of that place?


– Perhaps you have shown an active interest in getting involved in the department at Warwick and can, therefore, demonstrate that you will make the most of the opportunity?

– Maybe you have no experience of going abroad whatsoever and you should be chosen because you are prepared to gain a lot from the experience?

GOOD LUCK and happy writing! You are one step closer to what will be one of your best experiences! 🙂 

Shanita 🙂 xo 

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