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Wow just nearly completed my first year


Wow just nearly completed my first year at Warwick University. What an unbelievable roller-coaster!!!


I only did one module but as a mature student or should I rephrase that as a very mature student.


I have not studied or read a book for over 40 years, so the learning curve was extreme. I can honestly say I loved the whole experience. The support I received from CLL (Centre for Life Long Learning) was exceptional. The centre was helpful, informative and supportive and I would have never got through my first year without their help.


Read, Read, Read is what I was told when I started in October last year. This was an understatement!


I must mention “The Library”, was an amazing resource and again the Library staff were very helpful too.


As I write this, I am totally motivated and focussing on 2019/2020. With again new challenges ahead I am lucky to be able to cope with anxiety, stress and worry as I teach a stress and anxiety management course for the mental health charity MIND.


My next blog will go into this in more detail.



  • Rhonda

    Well done graham!


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