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Worrying about summer plans

It probably doesn’t really matter what year of study you’re in, I’m sure most of us are having the same problem….getting some experience/making plans this summer.

Not to worry…if you put the effort in and do some great research, you’re more than likely to find something that interests you. It is easy to get caught up in panic, especially within the University of Warwick where you’ll undoubtedly hear lots of students landing interships or placements. However, having spoken to previous students, many have said that yes, interships can be very valuable and help you get a job, but you are definitely not worse off if you decide to take a different route or don’t have one on your CV. Being at the University of Warwick full stop, has already given you the head start, it is just about getting your foot in the door. So, some tips/ideas that might help you understand how you want to spend your time this summer:

1. Internships (If you’re reading this now (February) then applications are likely to have closed but if you are interested to do one next year applications are generally open around October-December time so look out for those)

2. Work experience: whether it is paid or unpaid, take it! Any where you can get work experience will expand your skills and knowledge of the work place, even if you think it isn’t worthwhile, think about what skills are involved in the job and what you can talk about in interviews from this.

3. Volunteering: I know, this isn’t always appealing because we all like to stack up a bit of money in summer but there is nothing saying you can’t juggle this and a job. More importantly, it looks great on your CV as it demonstrates your interests, you are again likely to take away more skills and gives you the chance to take on a new challenge. Remember, volunteering doesn’t have to be in a residential home or looking after children…….festivals, abroad, for example!

4. Camps abroad/uk- most of you will have heard of young adults working in summer camps such as, Camp America, where you can teach children or run activities. From this you gain a lot of valuable skills such as leadership and teamwork, definitely worth considering (however abroad can be expensive but there will be camps in the UK to work in).

5. Summer Abroad- working as a holiday rep, travelling, teaching English…..there are numerous opportunities abroad I would definitely not write off getting involved in projects abroad. Also, don’t look down on travelling because many employers like that fact that students are interested in seeing the world as this demonstrates your eagerness, broad knowledge of the world and says something about your personality!

6. Part-time job- simply working and earning some money from a part-time job has loads of benefits! I have a part-time job that I am lucky enough to go back to during holidays it doesnt just allow me to get some money in, but I have gradually moved up in terms of experience, training, etc. I have got loads to talk about in my CV because of the skills that I have developed from this.

I hope this helps! There are a lot more options than what is on this list so get researching because you don’t want to be left doing nothing this summer…..that’s just boring haha! Any questions feel free to email:


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