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Worried about housing? I found a room in term 3 last year…

Having started second year with a desire and determination to secure an industrial placement, I didn’t consider the possibility of being unsuccessful at it and therefore didn’t think of securing accommodation. I didn’t get a placement in the end.

What followed were thoughts that there was a possibility that I might end up not having a roof over my head. To be very honest though, I was not worried even a tiny bit. I tend to only worry about emotional things or academic things. These technical chores of life don’t worry me a bit (which probably explains why I failed with placements too). I told my mates and one of them found a house in Canley but it would have been a very long walk and whilst I was not in a predicament to say no, I did (this was towards the end of April).

So, that didn’t work out so I spoke to mates and found out that there is a page on the SU website where people post if they are looking for a flatmate. There were so many posts with so many options, I really couldn’t be bothered. Slowly, it was beginning to sink in that no one was going to walk to me with an accommodation offer and that I had to do something so I applied for the individual off-campus Warwick accommodation that by the way you can do if you fail to find a group to join or are too worried about housing to wait until you find a group to secure a place. I applied for this room with Warwick Accommodation much later after the deadline and in fact by that time, others who applied on time would have even received their offers.

By the time I heard back from Warwick Accommodation, and they did offer me a very good room that I could have picked even though this was like May, I had found a room. One of my mates who is much more proactive than me about the real practical things about life tagged me in a Facebook post (and I am very grateful to him for that) where someone was advertising a room. I went for it (formally accepted in June) because it was very close to campus. It is an en suite and therefore rather expensive but I have a place to live and this I got after rejecting two previous offers at a time when I should really have said yes to the first room that I found available. So, if any of you kids find yourself worrying about housing in December, just think of me.

You may ask about the people. Well, it is a bit like freshers all over again. I’m living with six other second years and am very happy. I had not met three of the people until I moved in so it was very much like a freshers introduction finding out their names and what courses they study. I have always needed to work on my social skills anyway so this is great practice. I know some people worry a lot about housing but it really is fine and everyone finds a place in the end. You will too!

This year, I applied for campus accommodation therefore didn’t keep my current accommodation only to later not get campus accommodation. I have applied for the Westwood sharing scheme now but I don’t know if I’ve got it or not yet so chances are, there is going to be some drama this year again. I really want to live on campus next year just because it would save me a lot more time (although I am only a 20 min walk away from the library now as well) but Westwood is sort of off campus as well.  Let’s see how it goes this year. If nothing else, enjoy the adrenaline rush!

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