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Those of you that don’t know would wonder what the title actually means, but this is the name of one of the language societies on campus. This society doesn’t only focus on learning new languages, but it also teaches the values and mutlicultural diversity aspects from countries all around the world. It welcomes British, Erasmus as well as International students.

I have the priviledge to become one of the execs for next academic year as a buddy scheme coordinator, where my role involves matching up people that want to learn a specific language to someone that is already fluent in that language.

All around Warwick, you find people wanting to learn languages from different departments including myself. Although I’m a Chemistry student, I’m hoping to learn French from next year onwards and the classes offered here through the language centre are amazing. They offer French, Spanish, German, Hindi, Arabic etc. They’ve even offered Persian language classes this year! Plus they’re completely free of charge.

The level usually goes from beginners, intermediate followed by advanced, so you’re able to choose which level you’d like to start at or are comfortable with. Also, there are fortnightly language cafe meetings as well that you can attend to meet people from different backgrounds and to learn something new about a language/country. International students find this very beneficial in terms of developing their English language skills even further and maybe even meeting someone from their own culture/country.

For those of you that want to overcat, this is a fabulous opportunity. Overcatting would need to be agreed upon with your personal tutor/department beforehand. It also costs, but that’s something you’d have to check with the language centre. For the freshers, this is usually the first week of starting at Warwick. They do provide the right materials for you to study the content required for overcatting.

With my blog post, you should find a link to the World@Warwick page. There is also a Facebook page, so feel free to follow, like and comment.

Hope this entry has given you a bit of a different scenery to university life and if there are any questions regarding World@Warwick or even becoming an exec for a society, feel free to comment below or email me personally.

Back to revision now with my first exam (organic) being in less than a week away!Wish me good luck guys..Those of you that have exams, too – good luck to you and study hard!


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