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I know we’re in Term 3 and it’s perhaps a bit late to tell you about this, but here we are! Maybe this will be helpful for next year?

So, if you’re like me and want to earn a little bit of extra money on the side whilst doing your degree, this is the blog post for you! Believe it or not, there are a load of part-time jobs on offer for students on campus which can work really well alongside your degree. Personally, I work at the Arts Centre as an event steward, I also write these blogs, at the start of the year I worked as an Arrivals Assistant and I also did open day tours! These were really good for me because they were at the start of the year, which meant that I could gain a bit of money before the term started.

Usually, to look for these jobs, you’d have to check on UniTemps and on the Warwick SU Website. Uni temps is mostly for jobs like blogging, open day and arrivals and those applications tend to open in August/September with a fairly good response period. Blogging is much more casual than Arrivals and Open Day because with those two jobs you are assigned shifts, whereas with blogging you do it around your degree.

I enjoyed Arrivals, I was on the late shift but I met some wonderful people and it was so nice meeting the new freshers earlier on and handing out their room keys (And seeing if you found the person who had the room you once slept in as a fresher. I, unfortunately, did not find the person who was in my room). Though it was only for a short period of time, I earned a good amount of money. With UniTemps, you get paid at the end of each month. You fill in your timesheets on the website and then submit them by the cut off (Otherwise you get paid the following month) and then they’re approved by your managers. The cut off date changes each money, so make sure you keep track of when they are.

Warwick SU also offers a lot of jobs in SU owned outlets. These jobs are usually for working at the Dirty Duck, Curiositea and TBar, but again, they are specifically for students, so if you go into these places and see one of your friends working, it’s likely they applied at the start of the year.

Lastly, Warwick Welcome Service. Usually an email gets sent out to students at the start of the academic year and you apply through that email. It’s shift work, but it’s constant throughout the year, unlike working as UniTemps staff. So if you do work at Arrivals or Open Day, it is likely that a lot of people who are working there are hired through Warwick Welcome Service. With Warwick Welcome service, the shifts are a lot more regular and you do work open day and arrivals, but you also do other jobs.

Working on campus is a great way to earn money, as you are on campus a lot, it means less travelling and the shifts are designed with students in mind. You’ll likely have hours that you need to meet, but the hours will be feasible for a student to take on alongside their degree. If you are interested, have a look at Unitemps and WarwickSU near the end of the summer and you’ll see the options there. Unitemps also has jobs on their website quite regularly throughout the year, so definitely keep checking it because usually there’s the odd job which you can cover!

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
I love reading and listening to music. I am also…
Find out more about me Contact Krishna

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