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Working part time whilst studying

Studying at any university is a big achievement on its own, and when I heard about people before that had a part time job whilst studying for a degree, I used to think that they are uber-smart. However, when I arrived at university myself I realised that even though these people might be very smart, key is time-management and organisation.

I wanted a job really badly. At first, I applied to retail stores including Sainsbury’s and Tesco’s half-heartedly. I felt like I was always short of money as I have always been a bit of a spender. When I applied though, I never even made it to the interview. This felt disheartening back then, but now I’m kind of glad to be honest.

Then I took a long time to actually realise what I want to do. I signed up onto a tutoring website and joined a tutoring agency that is based in Coventry. This allowed me to earn quite a bit within a shorter frame of time. Of course, you’re not going to have time to teach 16 hours a week. Perhabs, you won’t earn as much as you earn through a part time job; however it is good money to have as a student.

In terms of my education I wouldn’t ever say that it hindered me in the slighest as I still learnt and discovered new things myself whilst tutoring sometimes. I also developed and refreshed my understanding from the past. Especially with a Science degree, I feel that you still need to remember everything you were taught from GCSEs onwards. The knowledge I gained in the field of teaching and explaining, I felt a lot more comfortable when it came to my own revision. This came most useful when my friends and me studied within a group.

When you teach something that you’re genuinely passionate about, you don’t notice how time flies in the slightest. I’ve always enjoyed my tutoring sessions and it’s something I’ve looked forward to. Now and then I’d even do a lot of work in preparation of these lessons, because I didn’t only want to be a good teacher, but I wanted to prove to myself as well that I can do this.

With a part time job comes great responsibility as well as commitment. You don’t want it to affect your social life or your degree as that’s what you came for in the first place. As long as you master how to manage time efficiently, there is a high chance of excelling in both – the job and in university.

For those of you that are considering of getting a part time job, I hope this has been helpful. I’m not saying that a part time job is for everyone, because there are people that genuinely only want to focus on the degree, there are those that are good with managing money well anyways, and there are those of you that might struggle a little with the course and a part time job would just add to this stress. Only take one up if you believe that you can handle it – I was just reflecting on my own experience here. I know my experience doesn’t necessarily measure up to a part time job as it’s less hours, but I thought it’s an alternative that many would not consider straight away.


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