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Working Hard or Barely Working? (Easter Work)

Term 2 is over and we’re now well into the Easter holiday (thank God). If we’d had another week of term, I think I would have combusted, I was completely burnt out by the end of this term.

But even though we’re on holiday, it doesn’t mean the looming deadlines and exams have disappeared. To be quite honest, I have not done any work over the first week of this break. Instead, I’ve been catching up on all the sleep I had lost in Term 2 and just relaxing, taking a little breather.

The end of Term 2 was busy. With all the volunteering as well as the end of term society events (as most societies don’t run events into Term 3) and society/SU elections, everything seemed a little bit hectic. And don’t forget all the work on top of that. But it’s over now, we made it through in the end.

Other than exam revision, we have two 2500 word assessed essays due the first day back from Easter – one for Tort Law and the other for Legal Theory. This week, I’ve managed to get back and be more productive and have made a start on both. I plan to finish them before going off to Tilberg in Holland next week for Rowing Camp, so I would not have that added stress while on the trip and rushing to finish them the week after before the deadline. I’m kind of glad I’ve forced myself to start them now as I have a clear head on what I want to include and write up. I can also break up the work over the two weeks, rather than cramming it into a few days.

So onto the topic of exams (this is proving to be a fun post I know), we’ve finally got our provisional summer exam timetable. I don’t know if I like how crammed my exams are. I have four of them between 22nd May and 1st June, but then that means I finish a whole month early! I was expecting to have my last exam mid-June so it’s nice to know that my summer holiday will start a bit earlier than that. I don’t know if I’ll be leaving campus straight away yet though.

You may be thinking that since it’s only 4 exams, that shouldn’t be that stressful right? I mean, last year, I had 10 IB exams crammed in the space of 2 weeks (although my timetable was horrendous as I had 8 of them in one week). So this should be better? But I don’t think it is any better at all. Law is a very heavy and detailed subject, and there is a lot of content to revise and go over for each exam. I’m starting to think I don’t even have time to be able to study everything and they’re still about 2 months away. Also, each exam is about 3 hours long, preparing for the hand cramps from all that writing.

But on to more interesting things. I’ve already mentioned that I’ll be going to Holland for Rowing Camp! It’s a bit like the camp I went on in Reading, so there will be lots of training. Everytime I tell someone I’m going to Holland they think I’m going for a week-long holiday, but nope, not at all. I know I’ll be exhausted by the end of it, but I’m still excited to go. I’ll be writing a post about that once that’s over!

Still, I honestly cannot believe my first two terms at university are over. It seems like this year has flown by and first year is almost over. A part of me wishes that it wouldn’t end but another part of me is desperately wanting summer to come along faster.

As always, if you have any questions, please comment down below!

– Rana x

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