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Working at an Events Company

Elena Sandu
Elena Sandu | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Elena

It’s been five weeks already since I have started my first grad job in London and for my last ever two blog posts *inserts sad face* I wanted to touch upon two final topics: updates about the new chapter in my life, as well as final year exam results and a synopsis about how 3 year was like for me. Since signing the contract back in March, I had carefully planned my move to London: from accommodation, moving arrangements, packing, contacting old friends that live here, to making new friends and networking with colleagues. So far, I have had a wonderful time in my new home, the neighbourhood is lovely, the office and my colleagues have been so welcoming and friendly and the transition from Coventry to London has been seamless, with the more Southern summery weather being the absolute best and having a solid contribution to that transition. I was quite worried that my first ever summer in the capital will be dull and rainy, but it has been completely opposite what I had been initially expecting.

Firstly, I want to highlight the importance of contacting previous acquaintances, peers, friends or absolutely anyone that you know and lives in your new city. Even if you had been out of touch for a while, it will mean a lot and it will give you comfort to know that you are not all alone and it is not that scary to move out of your student accommodation and into a city as big and well known as London. For example, I have DMed coursemates, ex language classes mates, friends from Romania and they have all been so kind and willing to go out with me for coffee and catching up. Ask for advice, tips, be curious and adventurous. Go every weekend or at least once in a while to a new neighbourhood you’ve never experienced before. Believe me when I tell you this: London is enormous. I have been visiting it back and forth for three years hundreds of times, but living here is a completely different feeling than simply visiting. The change from visitor to Londoner gives you a whole new perspective on norms, customs, people, places and experiences.

Secondly, the emphasis is on being open and eager to learn as much as you can as fast as you can. For me, working in a competitive environment makes me thrive and work at my full potential. It keeps me motivated and focused. Working at an events company can provide that kind of environment most of the time. Moreover, I work within the SSME(Specialist Subject Matter Expert) division of KNect365 which brings together a portfolio of highly focused events in topics areas like Maritime, Energy, Human Resources, Research and Innovation. So far, I feel I have demonstrated a high level of pro-activity, maintaining a busy personal schedule of face-to-face appointments and prospecting calls. June was a rather hectic month in terms of training and getting accustomed to the new environment, as well as being invited to attend London Tech Week at ExCel, an exhibitions and international convention centre in Custom House, East London. To conclude, I really enjoy this new chapter of my life and I am so relieved to have my exam results, my degree classification, new home, new friends, old friends visiting and all in all a fresh start. See you in my final blog post!

Elena Sandu
Elena Sandu | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Elena

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