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Work Hard, Work Smart

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Right after the Christmas break, I had three assignments to submit in a row, and I’m pretty sure that doesn’t only happen to me. Under such circumstances, it really is very important for us to work efficiently to make sure we get all our work well done on time. So how about some new year resolutions and develop some good habits for work? Here’s a few tips  to working effectively!

Make sure you are not sleep deprived I used to think that sleeping is a waste of time and hence studied till very late every day. However, I then noticed that sleep deprivation can in fact be a productivity killer. For the days that I stayed up late, I couldn’t really fully concentrate during classes and missed lots of the lesson materials. What’s even more is that the second day I often woke up feeling exhausted and just couldn’t work at all; after which I feel guilty and didn’t go to bed until late, and the vicious cycle goes on. In fact, there have been scientific studies showing that we should get at least 8 hours of sleep every day. I’ve recently found that morning studies before lectures are quite effective, so maybe sleep earlier and wake up earlier too! I know it’s hard to change our mentality and habit, but it’s just about the courage to make a change and do it bits by bits.

Work life balance Going to university, we might think our grades matter a lot and simply decided to neglect our social life. However, despite the importance of academics studies, academics is not everything and there’s so much more in our life that worth spending time on! For example, developing our social networks, keeping our body fit, and most importantly, enjoying life! Surveys have shown that the human attention span in fact last for 6-8 hours only a day, after which our working productivity drops significantly. So what’s the point of forcing yourself when you couldn’t actually work? Why not take a break, have some fun and enjoy your university life after a few hours of work every day? I’m sure that some of you may have experienced sitting in front of your laptop, trying to do your readings but could barely read a sentence. A friend of mine has shared with me that she would only work when she could be fully concentrated and work effectively. Sometimes, doing exercises could also release more hormones like endorphins which reduces our depression. I personally found myself more energetic and motivated after some relaxation!

A change of environment Has anyone of you ever found yourself hard to stay focus at home, like easily falling asleep or just ended up binge watching TV shows whole day long? That happens to me sometime too. A good environment to work really matters a lot. For me, whenever I’ve been procrastinated for too long, I would go to the library (the fifth floor has the best view!) and tell myself that I’m not leaving until I finish my work; I might also play some music to avoid myself from being distracted by the noises from the surrounding environment. Try exploring around the campus, and find somewhere you feel most comfortable working in!

Here are just some general suggestions to working efficiently. Different people would have different strategies and different ways that cater themselves the best. It’s most important to make sure we are aware of our imperfections and always take the initiatives to improve. Let me know if you have any specials ways to keep yourself working well!

Cho Sze Wong | English Language and Linguistics Contact Cho Sze

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