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Work and Play over the summer

For some of you I know you’ve been revising hard for your exams and hopefully for most of you they are now over, if they are not – keep going it won’t be long. As for me, I have some normality back into my life for the time being (whatever, that really means!). I’ve been able to spend more time with John and Faith and not worry about deadlines or reading for university.

Last week was the school holidays and it was brilliant to spend some time with Faith, we went are saw friends, baked cakes, walked doggies, had a BBQ and Faith had her first trip to the theatre. We went and saw Pongo’s party. Pongo is a pig who lives on old Marty McDonalds Farm, very cheesy but Faith loved it. We also brought Faith a trampoline last week, but I have to admit I’ve used it loads already too. I’m hoping it might kick gear my physical activity over the summer before I return to university in October. I may then be able to continue my physical activity during next academic year! Well, that’s the plan anyway J

There’s nothing really to say now about university, as all I’m waiting on now is 1 mark back and confirmation from the exam board that all has been passed and I can continue onto next year. I know our Exam Board is on the 1 July 2016, so I’m hoping we have results the following week.

Tomorrow I start some administration work through Unitemps, for about a month, which will help us with some money over the summer. If you don’t know much about unitemps visit their website, its if you are looking for some work over the summer they might be able to help you and they are based at Warwick University.

Other plans for the summer are to enjoy more time with John and Faith, continue to volunteer with the Parent Leadership and Early Intervention within Coventry. We are also going on holiday in July to Bideford, so I’m looking forward to that. Some quality time away (hopefully with the sun) enjoying the beach oh and the Big Sheep. If you don’t know what I mean google it. It’s a fab place to visit if you’ve never been there with your kids. I probably will do some reading over the summer towards my dissertation too, so it won’t all be fun! I’m also going to be helping with an event up at the Memorial Park on 1 August 2016 in relation to the World Breast Feeding week, so if anyone wants more information on that get in touch. I know it sounds like I’ve got a busy summer ahead of me, however, I hate being bored and love to be doing things. It gets me out of the house and also the volunteering is good for my CV and hopefully it will help towards my dream career!

For now I will say goodbye, lots to do and plan. I start work tomorrow so need to sort out the logistics of family while I’ll be at work. Ps. If you are a CLL student don’t forget out end of year party on Friday 1st July 2016.

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