WMS Ball 2017 – OurWarwick

WMS Ball 2017

The perfect way to end an exciting first week back was going to the Maths Ball last night! It was lovely to see everyone so dressed up and looking beautiful, and I had an amazing time!

Like last year it was held at Chesford Grange, which is conveniently placed midway between campus and Leamington. After being picked up from the church in Leamington, we arrived at the venue and was greeted with an Alice and Wonderland themed evening! The decorations were really nice; rose petals, heart confetti and playing cards were strewn throughout the rooms and on the tables. I also liked the magicians walking between the tables before our food arrived; they were really impressive and thoroughly bamboozled us all!

The food was so good, and after three course I was so full I almost didn’t want to get up and dance when the disco started! Rest assured I did though, and after we had eaten we had a nice little boogie on the dance floor.

Although it didn’t snow on the way home like it did last year, the evening was so much fun, and I spent it with the best people I can think of!

maths ball

maths ball

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