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Winter is Coming (Autumn Please Come Back)

Since campus has been looking so beautiful these last few weeks, I had planned to do a blog post about autumn, however, it seems to have suddenly become winter! Therefore in remembrance of the nice autumn we enjoyed on campus, here are some photos!


Here’s the view from the Oculus Building (read my glowing review of it here). Having this view when I looked from my laptop made ploughing through my programming assignment much more manageable!


I wish I could take credit for this picture, but my friend Amy took this picture as she was leaving her labs. This time of year really reminds you have lucky we are on campus to be surrounded by the countryside, as opposed to being in a city. City universities are great, don’t get me wrong, but you probably wouldn’t see scenes like this!


I had climbed right to the top of the humanities building when I took this photo, but I think it was worth it to see the row of trees between the library and sciences departments.

For more images check out #warwickautumn on Twitter and Instagram; there are some real beauties!

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