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Winding Down for Term’s End

Only a week left! Though it only seems like I finished unpacking a few weeks ago, it’s almost time to shove the clothes back into the suitcase and arrange my lift home. Even though most of us are coming down with what one of my friends called ‘end-of-term-itis’, there’s still plenty going on to distract me from the work I’m doing and the ever-greater pile of stuff I really should be.

Last night, I took advantage of having Warwick Arts Centre on campus and went to see The Death of Stalin, a dark comedy about the power struggle in the Soviet Union following the death of the eponymous dictator. The arts centre often have interesting things on, and as a student I was able to grab a ticket for £4.50, which seemed more than reasonable. I’m not generally an artsy person but I’ve been to see a few things there – during my second year exams, I sought reprieve by going to see some stand-up to break up the drudgery of revision. It’s nice to have such things so easily accessible to students, and I’m hoping to make similar trips this year also.

End-of-term socials are also a thing, and my facebook feed is filling up with endless Christmas meals and the like. It’s always good to see people before we go our separate ways, and I’ve been meeting up with some of the peeps from my first year flat (was it really less than two years ago? Freshers make me feel old!) Despite having a couple of deadlines hanging around ominously, I feel it’s a good time to have a catch-up before we go our separate ways over the Christmas break – it may be only four weeks, but it certainly won’t feel it!

One thing I have managed to sort this week is housing for next year – our contract is now signed, so that’s one fewer thing to worry about! Having been through it all before gives us something of a first mover advantage – some people, particularly first years, may only be beginning to think about their plans for next year at this point. There are plenty of decisions to make – do you go to Coventry or Leamington Spa (or even Kenilworth if you like quaint villages with lots of pubs)? Who do you live with? Who gets the room with the questionable carpet? Luckily the uni provide a bit of help – yesterday I popped by the housing fair to talk over a couple of questions I had with the Warwick Accommodation team, fighting my way through hordes of first years making those vital choices. Now it’s out of the way, I can tick that off my to-do list, and sit back and relax with a clear conscience!

Until next time!

Nathan L

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