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Will not sitting my A levels be a problem?

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These are definitely unusual times. I know that if I was in Year 13 or had been told that I was not going to sit my A-levels/equivalent I would be feeling quite worried about the uncertainty. Would this affect me getting into university? Would employers not think my grades are equivalent to those who had taken exams? Would not taking my A-levels affect my university experience/learning? These are just a few of the questions that would be spinning in my mind. I hope that this blog will hopefully answer these questions and reassure you that it’s okay.


Firstly will not taking my A-levels affect my university experience?


A-level exams are a good guide for the University to understand at what level you’re working at but what is important about A-levels is they teach you a variety of skills that you need for your university experience. Most importantly they teach you how to be analytical, learn what style of learning works best for you and teaches you independent thought. These are the skills which are most essential for your university experience. It wasn’t my A-level exams that taught me these skills, it was my learning and ’journey’ of Sixth Form. A-levels helped build my resilience and my independent work/thought that I had been doing for the last two years which provided me with the skills which I was then able to apply during my degree. So please don’t feel disheartened by not being able to take your A-level exams because it’s the learning that you have done within the last two years which will prove invaluable for when you join University. 


Exams were only cancelled in March meaning that you will have learnt most of the content and therefore any content that is likely to help you during your degree has likely been covered. When I came to Warwick, I had only studied one of my subjects before and didn’t have a clue/very limited knowledge about the other two: politics or law.I found that this was actually better because it meant that I don’t have any preconceptions or felt that I already knew things and therefore was starting completely from scratch and was able to get to grips with the material really quickly. Remember the first years all about introductions to modules teaching the skills which you need for your second and third year. So don’t panic that you don’t know all the content that’s why you are coming to university.


Will not sitting my A-Levels affect me getting into the University?


At the moment there is definitely some uncertainty over this, particularly as it varies from student to student and countries have different examination methods and have different approaches to tackling COVID-19, but if you need any more information please see the link below I hope they can reassure you and answer any questions you have about this. 


Will it affect my career prospects?


Employers tend to look at the last educational qualification that you have. Coming to Warwick will mean a degree from a high calibre, Russell University. Therefore although you’re likely to need to put your A-levels on your CV plus the year of those qualifications I think most employers will be more interested in your degree from Warwick, what you have participated in whilst being at Warwick and extracurricular activities beyond your degree plus work experience. By coming to Warwick you’ll get support in all of these areas whether that’s from societies, the careers team, the Student Opportunity team or your fellow course mates. Employees will also be aware that the situation was beyond your control and therefore there was nothing you could do about it and I believe they will completely understand this. My advice would be to make the most of your time at Warwick and do your best to achieve the highest degree possible.


Will it affect me getting internships?


I don’t think it will affect you getting an internship. Most internships require you to fill in forms about why you’re interested in that company, why you think you are best suited and what you can bring to their company rather than the grades that you achieved. On most application forms where you have to input your grades, there is also a box for mitigating circumstances. If I was in your situation I would likely write how the situation had affected me and therefore my academic grades


I hope this has provided some reassurance to you. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to leave a comment or message me and I will do my best to get back to you. Please try not to panic

Samantha Holden | Politics, Philosophy and Law (PPL) Contact Samantha

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