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Why Your Accommodation Doesn’t Matter

At this time last year, I was doing absolutely tons of research in to which Warwick accommodation I wanted to stay in. I looked everywhere, messaged previous students, watched YouTube videos; I was obsessed with finding the perfect balance between so many different factors. Not that it did me much good; in the end I was placed in (in my opinion) one of the worst accommodations possible; Redfern (see below for advantages and disadvantages)

Despite the many negatives listed, you do get used to whatever accommodation you’re out in. For me it was more about the social side anyway rather than how nice my flat was. Unfortunately I didn’t instantly bond with my flatmates like most people. However I overcome this by making friends on my course and in the societies in joined and I am honestly very happy at the moment. Besides, any student flat will be equipped with the essentials.

There is so much more to enjoying uni life than your accommodation. I promise you it does not dictate your happiness. I’ve managed to live here all year without feeling the need to change accommodation; I stopped thinking about it altogether halfway through term 1 and I am completely over it now. So to any prospective student worrying about which accommodation to pick, seriously just pick the cheapest ones (and ones with a sink) because you’ll have a great time regardless of where you end up.



Location – Very close to bus interchange, Rootes grocery store, Arts Centre, and SU.

Storage – In my room I have a massive wardrobe, chest of drawers, space under my bed, three shelves, and a bed side table. I have loads of room to keep my things.

Sink in room – Sooo convenient


Location – Redfern is literally the opposite end of campus to Tesco.

Condition – My wall has so many cracks in. My window sill is falling apart at the edges. You can hear EVERYTHING (including people having sex in the flat above) – especially since my room is next to the kitchen. Even our resident tutor acknowledged that the walls are practically made out of cardboard.

Decor – No character or sense of home whatsoever. No common area, no comfy chairs, kitchen is uninviting.

Size – Room size is ok, but kitchen and toilet are very small. The flat is for five people meaning that it’s harder to make friends. Even worse is that the fridge and freezer has only four shelves, so I have half a shelf for chilled food. How is this acceptable?!

Not ensuite – don’t get me wrong I’m absolutely fine with not having an ensuite. But many times I have had to wait to use the shower (despite what I was told on open days).

(please note that this is just my personal experience of Redfern)

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