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Why you should study at Warwick

With A Level exams coming soon, I’m sure many of you have in the least started thinking about where you want to study either this September or the year after.

For the Year 13s this would mean that they already have Firm and Insurance choices and need to meet their offer now or that they’ve applied through UCAS Extra and are still waiting to receive a decision from the institution they applied to. There are always a lot of students that have a change of heart on results day and apply to Warwick through clearing or adjustment. The only disadvantage being that not all courses will be in clearing (since the course might be full) and the courses that are, the spaces get filled up fast.

There will also be Year 12s that have now started to think about which degree they want to study in the future and which universities they would maybe like to apply to.

For either of these cases, I have a few reasons why you should not hesitate to apply to Warwick as one of your choices. Having been in your position myself, I can relate to you and encourage people to apply.

League tables – When I applied myself, league tables is definitely something that appealed to me. Not only is Warwick a Russell group university making it research intensive, but it is consistently ranked within the top 10 in the UK. Hence, the nine grand that you will be spending on your degree will be worthwhile here.

Campus Vibe – Not only are the lecturers extremely helpful and friendly, but students are exactly the same. I have now got the confidence to go to my lecturer or someone in the year above, if I need to seek help from them.

Also, the campus is very community friendly. Even if you just go to the library to study on your own, the chances of you bumping into someone you know are high. The general vibe you get of this uni is very positive and welcoming.

Accomodation and the city – All the halls are within walking distance of the campus making life a lot easier. Since there are frequent bus services, Coventry city centre is only a 20 min bus ride and looking at something closer, you have Cannon park, which is within walking distance. This is where most students go for shopping as you find a variety of shops including Tesco’s, Wilko’s, Peacocks and New Look.

Term timetable – Warwick’s timetable allows it to have ten weeks of teaching per term. This means that you have a lot of holiday time and less term time.

Social life – Warwick has over 200 societies just run by the SU and with all the extra curricular activities and events that go on, there is no way you can get bored. There is always something from every type of person to find on this campus such as World at Warwick for the people that have a passion towards languages, or St Johns for people that want to get first aid training.

I hope some of these factors have contributed to making your decision – they certainly did for me.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to comment below.


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