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Why you should sign up for ‘Welcome to Warwick’

Manya Kalia
Manya Kalia | International Management Contact Manya

Hey Everyone!

Hope you are all having a great summer and are eagerly waiting to return to Warwick in October.

For all those international freshers who have signed up for, ‘International Orientation’, now renamed to ‘Welcome to Warwick Week’ well done congrats, for this will be one of your best weeks at Warwick ever; for all those who haven’t yet, don’t forget to, because you will regret it later on; and for all those who haven’t heard of it, read about it and fill out the application form on here: http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/study/international/welcometowarwick/draft-programme/

The cost was a hefty 200 pounds last time, and as a result of consequent complaints, this year the organisers revamped the programme. Warwick has introduced an option to pay for elements of the programme that you would choose to attend, giving you the freedom to build your programme to suit your individual needs.

The programme really helps you settle into campus life and gives you a feel of what’s it really like living in university. It helps you set up a bank account, obtain your BRP card, get your university ID card, ahead of everyone else.

By offering campus tours and city tours to Warwick Castle, Leamington Spa and the city of coventry it helps you get oriented and adjusted to the surrounding areas.

Most importantly, it makes you meet so many people from different parts of the world, thereby widening your horizons and perspectives. Even if you are shy and introverted, Welcome to Warwick Week will force you to interact with people with its icebreakers, such as "Speed Networking" and at times encourage you to come out of your comfort zone through events such as "Latin Night" and "Karaoke Night".

I remember there were times there were two or more events clashing where your best bet was to take a spontaneous call on which one interests you more and which one you’d rather go to. Even if your friends are more inclined to go to the one you didn’t intend to go to, you should go with your gut and go to the one that appeals you more because trust me, you’ll meet more like-minded people and make more friends, in that way.

If you’re worried about making friends during the welcome week, don’t be. Everyone is in the same boat, and therefore, is more open to trying new things and meeting new people. Just remember, if you find someone you really like, make an effort to keep in touch and be open to everything. For example, I made a friend, while waiting to collect my BRP card (the line was really long) who I really liked and who later on invited me to lunch with another one of her friends, who she had met in a similar way. We all really connected and stuck together during the whole week, doing almost everything together, so it was really fun.

Moreover, there are workshops that are aimed at eliminating language and cultural barriers and make you more aware and oriented with your life at a UK university.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, what you won’t find in any timetable, are the events that unfold after the "formal" Welcome to Warwick events, so let me enlighten you on that front.

After the last events of the night get over, flat parties or parties, in general, take place all around accommodations. Intoxicated Freshers are walking from one accommodation to another, drinking and interacting with new people. Of course, you are not obliged to drink, and can rightfully participate (without being looked down).

No one really goes out to clubs during this time, largely because half the student population, i.e., the English haven’t arrived as yet, and so all flats are half empty. People have still not settled in fully, and strong bonds haven’t been formed as yet.

At any time of the week, if you are feeling homesick or lonely, you can talk to the orientation helpers, who will be more than willing to give you a helping hand or else unbiasedly answer any queries you have about university life in general (they are your go to people!).

All in all, it’s a pretty amazing experience, and even though it may not help you find life long university friends, you will be associated with very many interesting people and make some unforgettable memories.

If you have any questions about the week or just want to have a chat about university life, feel free to contact me on facebook 🙂

Thanks for reading and hope you have a lovely day!

Manya Kalia
Manya Kalia | International Management Contact Manya

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