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Why You Should Make Warwick Your Firm Choice

Hey everyone! I can imagine a lot of you prospective students who are considering coming to Warwick in October 2017 are currently struggling with deciding on your firm and insurance choice for UCAS. I am aware of the crazy tough decisions – I recently had an A Level student who I met on the Warwick Psychology open day message me about the pro’s of Warwick. SO, I thought it would be a good idea to let the rest of you know too!


  • If you want to live on central campus in your first year of Uni, whilst also being self-catered, then Warwick is the place to go. A lot of Universities have their self-catered accommodations far away from central campus and then you’re limited to catered accommodation (more expensive and limits your eating pattern) if you want to be central. Therefore, Warwick allows you to have both central accommodation AND self-catering.
  • The campus is extremely safe. You will never need to worry about walking back to your accommodation at 3am after a late night out – your parents can be at ease too! I’ve visited some of my school friends who go to Uni’s that are in the city, and they’ll normally never walk through their campus alone at night.
  • Another thing with safety is to do with the night life. Majority of the clubs you’ll go to in Coventry and Leamington Spa are filled with Warwick students, so you won’t find yourself feeling scared to go to the kebab shop that’s near a club because there will be students everywhere. Only time that you might find weirdos hanging around is on the weekends (local nights) but you get that at any Uni!
  • The campus is large, but not TOO large. Some University campus’ are so tiny that there’s no possibility of findings new things to explore or meet people, others are so huge that it’s impossible to visit all the types of accommodation and link up with course mates. Warwick however, in my opinion, is the perfect size because you can easily walk over to any accommodation to meet with course mates whilst being able to explore all the cool things around.
  • Warwick Uni is super close to Birmingham, so if you ever get bored of the clubs in Coventry and Leamington, you can make a trip to Birmingham for the night (or a lot of societies do trips to Bham clubs which includes travel there and back, which is what I normally do). Also, Birmingham has the amazing Bullring Shopping Centre so if you’re bored on the weekend or want to shop and spend your loan haha, you can go there! You just get a bus to Coventry station, get a 20 minute train to Birmingham New Street and then Bullring is right outside the station.
  • There is a big Tesco only a 5-10 minute walk away from campus – this might not seem important but a lot of my friends at other Uni’s only have little shops near them so aren’t ever able to do a big food shop where everything is available. So the big Tesco comes in really handy, plus there are other convenient shops like New Look, Subway, Boots, Wilko etc!
  • Everyone at Warwick is super friendly and it’s so easy to make friends through your flat, course, societies and clubs. You’ll constantly be meeting new people – I still am whilst I’m in my 2nd year! Also, the lecturers and staff are really helpful and you’ll never feel alone or stressed since they’re always happy to help.
  • This pro probably isn’t that important but it’s one reason why I love Warwick haha. Our term’s are exactly 10 weeks so they’re a lot shorter than other Universities, AND our holiday’s seem to be longer than other Uni’s too. This year, our Christmas break is 4 weeks and our Easter break is 5 weeks, and then Summer is 3 months, potentially 4 months depending on when your exams finish!

I could literally list pro’s for ages, but those are my top ones! Other things you’ll need to consider are your course, but the points above are general things about the Uni. Although, I hope they were helpful and maybe persuaded you to consider Warwick! Definitely have a chat with any people you know from Warwick to get more info on what Uni life is like here. I hope you found this blogpost helpful, feel free to comment below with any questions!


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