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Why You Should Live In Kenilworth

Ok I know what you’re thinking. Who even lives in Kenilworth and why would you ever want to live in a town full of old people. But let me enlighten you with personal experience of living here and attempt to convince you that Kenilworth may be the right decision for you.

Firstly, it’s convenient. Ok so not for nights out in leam, but for those of you who don’t go out very often like me that’s no problem at all. Plus, it means when you do go out you can have a fun sleepover at a friend’s house in leam. More importantly, it’s only 15 minutes on the bus to campus which is less than half the amount it can take from leam sometimes. Speaking of buses, the 11 bus that you’d use everyday is known to be far more reliable than the stagecoach u1 and it means you NEVER have to queue for buses onto campus in the morning OR back home in the evening.

I live down a quiet road just off the high street which is an absolutely perfect location because I can’t hear any road traffic and yet I am a couple minutes walk away from every shop on the high street. It takes approximately 30 seconds to walk to the bus stop and 2 minutes to walk to Sainsburys (which makes for a very quick supermarket shop each week as opposed to walking 15 minutes to the Tesco at the top of the parade from South Leam). I have also discovered Kenilworth’s wonderfully large selection of charity shops, have found the Wilko a life saver for circle costumes, while there is also a number of other fan favourites including Costa, Greggs, Iceland and Poundland.

While you’re not surrounded by students, I don’t find that a problem as you’re literally drowning in them on campus everyday so it’s actually quite refreshing to have neighbours who are normal people that have been living here for 10+ years.

I also highlight recommend using Warwick Accommodation to find your house as we did. Reserving the house was so easy and required no reservation fees, administrative charges or a deposit. We have had no problems with the house whatsoever and the whole process was honestly almost completely stress-free.

I hope I’ve convinced you that Kenilworth is where dreams are made.

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