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Why you should join societies!

Hello everyone,

I believe that being a member of a society, or a number of societies, is a key part of University life. It is a chance to meet like-minded people, perhaps your closest and life-long friends, a way to have a break from studying and an opportunity to participate in something you enjoy doing. There are over 250 societies at Warwick, so there is bound to be something to suit you, plus new societies are being started all the time. Societies range from Photography Society, to sports ones like Aerobics, and to charity-based ones like UNICEF. On top of regular meetings, societies also organise group social events, such as meals out, film nights or club nights, and will organise events throughout term to suit varying preferences and budgets.

The Societies Fair is held over two days during Term 1, when the exec teams of the societies eagerly wait to interest you in joining their society. Each society has its own stand, and you can wander through the stands and get more information about what the society has to offer.

What societies have I belonged to?

  • . I joined this society in first year with my friend, in which we attended the weekly sessions on scenarios such as burns to heart attacks. I learned some great life skills, which have been added to my CV, and definitely feel better prepared to respond to a medical situation.
  • Last year this was actually a Sports Club which meant that you had to have paid for a Silver Sports membership in order to belong. Now it is a society and you simply pay the small membership fee and £1 for each class. It is very flexible, and you can turn up to as many or as few classes as you want. There are classes of varying intensities. My favourite is Body Conditioning, which is a high intensity work out that leaves you feeling very satisfied although very worn out! Other classes include Barbells, Legs Bums and Tums, and Dance Fit.
  • Wind Orchestra. This is the main society which I belong to and it has been a key part of my University life. I have met some great friends through this society and have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in large concerts, smaller charity concerts, competitions, and the rehearsals, which are led by student conductors. Last year’s Music Centre Ball was one of the year’s highlights for me too. I also belong to the Flute Choir, a much smaller group, and we have performed in a few smaller concerts on our own, such as at a rehabilitation hospital and a museum.
  • Good Food Society. This society runs a few events each month, either a cooking class (for example Coq au Vin, or Valentine’s Day cupcakes) or a meal out such as at an Indian Restaurant in Leamington Spa.

There is the opportunity to get even more involved in the society through being elected for an exec role team. There are prominent roles in which strong leadership is required, such as the President and Vice President, but also more behind-the-scenes roles such as Secretaries or Treasures, and in the case of music societies, the Librarians who provide and sort music.

To round up, I think that belonging to a society is a must whilst you’re at university, and I am sure that everyone will find at least one thing that they find appealing! Until next time!

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