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Why you should GS-Do it!

Meredith Whiting | Global Sustainable Development and Sociology Contact Meredith

So as the offer holder days continue through March, there is a chance that students are still trying to decide where they want to be studying. If they’ve applied for more than one course (as I did), then they’ll be deciding just what to study too. So I figured, why not write a little about why I think more students should choose to study gsd – Global Sustainable Development.

1. It’s amazingly good fun

I came to Warwick expecting to be sat in a classroom, much like at school, but even during lectures and seminars I find myself interested in whatever we are being taught today. The modules in first year have given new perspectives on topics I thought I knew a lot about, and it has helped me think more about my life

2. The lecturers are amazing – and so is the support given

Just on the GSD side, so far the three modules (and the project) that I’ve completed have been so well taught, and people are always there to help you solve any issues you have – or even talk about something related to their field of study! Personal tutor wise, I have found it so easy to drop in and speak to mine, or another member of staff. Everyone is there with a united topic of interest so there’s always things to discuss.

3. There’s so many extras to get involved in

From being able to help set up and be a part of the first GSDSoc, to others writing for the LiberalArts/GSD magazine GLOBUS, you’ll find something else to do that’s linked to sustainability. We have been forming more connections with the Estates team, and students use their own iniative to set up their own ideas on campus – supported by the cohort. Go for what you want to do!

4. The cohort themselves

Obviously the people coming in each year are new, but from my experience so far the people you’ll be spending the next 3 years with are a lovely group. We have so many different backgrounds, experiences, and thoughts/beliefs about the environment in relation to our otehr degree subject that it’s amazing to be able to meet so many people in one group like it. Since the cohort is fairly small, it hasn’t taken long to meet most, if not all, of the cohort and learn something about them. Plus they’re there when you need a friendly face in your partner departments – having GSD students in my seminar groups is always great (you can link in sustainability everywhere).

5. The degree itself

The degree is still a fairly unique one, and being in the first cohort has meant that we are able to help shape it for future years to come. With sustainability itself changing as the world develops, the lectures can change with it and adapt to new knowledge – and it’s so applicable to all subjects in life that it would be a shame to not take part!

I understand that I may not have been able to put quite into words my true feelings about this course, or done the course justice at all, but hopefully that gives you a little bit of help to your decision! If you have any more questions, please let me know below!

Meredith Whiting | Global Sustainable Development and Sociology Contact Meredith

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