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Why you should go to university

With the UCAS deadlines only 11 days away and increasing tuition fees, many people probably question whether they should go to university or not. However, there are certain reasons that tell you why university could be the right route for yourself. 

1. Healthcare courses – many healthcare professions have it as a requirement that you have a degree in an appropriate subject to train further within that specific career. For example, this would apply to a doctor, a dentist, an optician etc. 

2. Student Finance – although the tuition fees are currently at £9,250 a year, this does get mostly covered by Student Finance for the people that are eligible to receive it. For some, there are also additional funds they might be able to receive from the university directly based on academic excellence or financial hardships. Others, who may not be able to have the advantage of Student Finance will have to look at alternative options such as borrowing money from their parents/carer, or having a part time job.

3. University teaching – The teaching offered by universities not only helps you to develop knowledge within a certain area, but also allows you to take part in extra curricular activities such as societies, learning foreign languages, and your interpersonal skills can also be developed by having tight deadlines you need to work towards as well as teamwork-based tasks that allow you to work within your year cohort. 

4.  Meeting new people – This is always a perk. You get to meet people that have come from all over the world and you get to build lifetime friendships this way. My A Level teachers always used to tell me that some of the best friends you find in life are the ones you met during your university years. 

5. Living independently – You get to do your own washing, cooking, budgeting money and don’t need to rely on your parents anymore to drive you around places or to wake you up in the morning. Of course, for the people that decide to commute from home, this is not necessarily the case. However there might still be options to go on a term abroad or do a placement. 

These are just 5 reasons I think that shows people university could be the right choice, but there are so many more reasons one should go to university. You might have the same, if not a different opinion than this, and if this is the case, please do share. 

I hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas!


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