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Why you should experience University once?

About over a year ago, I was once contemplating not doing University as an option. I am passionate about doing the Accounting Professional Qualification- ACA, hence, I was considering some school leaver programs. Many people advised me against this and suggested the idea of definitely experiencing ‘Uni Life’. I was just wondering what this hype is all about ‘Uni Life’. Halfway through second year, I have realized the value of it and will label this as a 100% recommendable experience. I can break down Uni life into a few segments and give reasons why one should experience it:

1) Friends:

If you are a prospective University student and enjoying your high school, some of you may have already developed some lasting friendships. The thoughts of leaving this friends circle for University might already be haunting you. However, I can confirm, once you are at University, the friends you make here will share another sort of relationship dynamic with you. The friends I have back home since School are still very close to my heart and having new friends will never undermine the value of my friendship with them. However, my point is that a similar bond can be developed at University too. 15 months into University and now is a point where mentally I am starting to elevate the status of my Uni friends to the same as my School friends. Initially, I was reluctant that no one can share that same level of understanding as my old circle. However, at University, day in, day out, your friends are there with you. We share so much. The best part is that then friends start understanding you, look after you and support you. And once that bond is formed, it is deep. The endless drama, gossips, emotional drains and laughter sessions that you will experience together. This is something that I want people to experience. With that being said, sometimes it is also difficult to find alone time.


2) Life Style:

After a long day at University, you can always spend every evening with friends. I appreciate the fact that you are more independent in your ways. This can be a blessing or more of a threat sometimes. However, it is refreshing and builds your personality immensely. Picking up groceries, paying bills, or preparing your budget, all these will be a menial task at some point of time in your life. Although, you have to start at some point and I believe University prepares you well for this nature of adult life. This also adds loads of maturity and confidence in your personality.


3) Just Warwick things:

Every University must be having its own banter. However, overtime, I have got accustomed to the Warwick banter. At some point last year, suddenly, Yik Yak, an app, was the latest sensation on campus. People kept anonymously posting on this app and it was unbelievably hilarious. Similarly, few exclusive Warwick things are cherishable. The piazza, Rootes Learning Grid, Rootes Halls, Bluebell, Westwood halls, or as we go farther, Smack or Neon! All these venues are where we make countless memories for three years. Furthermore, professionally as well, Warwick provides you with endless opportunities to grow through the numerous societies and world class academic resources.

Just another lovely afternoon at the Piazza:

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So all being said, I will say: ‘Experience University once- or may even experience Warwick once!’ 😉

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