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Why you should consider living in Canley

Hello everyone! I’ve recently been thinking about all the different types of accommodation I have been in during my three years at Warwick and I wanted to write about my experience in Canley. While I was in Venice in my second year, me and my flatmates had the difficult decision of choosing a property for third year – especially as we couldn’t view any of them as we were abroad! We looked at many different properties online through Warwick Accommodation, most of which were in Leamington, Coventry and Canley. At first, none of use really wanted to live in Canley, but now we are all glad that we are.

For those of you who don’t know, Canley is the closest town to the university and the next best thing to living on campus. Because most people want houses in Leamington or Coventry, it means that you often get a lot more for your money in Canley as the demand is often lower and there are usually many great properties left in Canley when all the good ones have gone elsewhere. Just as in the other areas, students make up quite a big chunk of the town’s population and there is a police station and fire station right next to each other so you always feel comfortable and secure. All of my flatmates have jobs on campus as there are plenty of opportunities to work part time if you need the money, and they are only a short walk away from their jobs which is very convenient.

Many people choose to live in Coventry or Leamington as most of their friends end up there, and they don’t want to feel left out, but we have found that we are a lot more focused on our studies when we aren’t as close (geographically) to our friends and we make the most out of the time we do have with them when we can. In addition to this, Canley also has a train station so you can easily travel across the country if you want to go home or you can get cheap fares to Coventry and Leamington. You also don’t have to splash out on getting a car or paying for bus fares or Ubers all the time as we can just walk to anywhere on campus within a small amount of time – plus this helps to keep you fit while you’re eating terribly as a student!

Most people (including us) go to Cannon Park for any shopping needs and we rarely feel the need to travel elsewhere for anything, there are also food outlets there, as well as on campus so we can easily go out for food together. Generally, it is just much easier and more pleasant than most people might think, walking in the rain or snow can be a bit annoying but it is worth it for the ease of getting back and forth from the campus. So, why not consider Canley while assessing your accommodation options?

Thanks for reading! Kristie

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