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Why You Should Choose Warwick

Obviously choosing where to go to university and where you’ll spend the next three or four years of your life is a massive decision and not one to take lightly. It’s hard to keep track of all the info being thrown your way, but there are certain things Warwick offers that you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re a successful Warwick applicant and are dithering with where you want to study, here are just some of the reasons I and many others have chosen Warwick.

The friendliest campus around

When I first came for an Open Day at Warwick I was honestly quite surprised at how much I liked it. Not that I expected to hate it, but I could just see myself here as I couldn’t at other open days. I had only visited Warwick twice but I felt like I knew the campus before I moved in as a fresher. Even now, it is difficult to walk to a lecture and not spot someone you know. There is a real community feeling at Warwick that I think is hard to find elsewhere.


This is by far the best experience of your Warwick degree. Despite claiming to hate the music spun by Disco Dave, this night out on campus in the Copper Rooms is just such great fun with everyone you know in the same room and throwback songs to knock you back a few years. Circling too is a phenomenon unique to Warwick. When asked why she chose Warwick, History student and Ladies’ Hockey 2nds Captain Charlotte Lloyd said ‘because where else can you sit in a circle in a night club drinking purple til you puke’, and although puking is only for the fainthearted, circling is certainly an experience worth having.


Food and Drink

All on-campus accommodation is self-catered but Warwick offers so many food options. There’s a café in pretty much every building and an incredibly delicious food market that comes to the Piazza once a fortnight. We have Fusion Bar offering all sorts of Asian cuisine, the Dirty Duck or Varsity for your pub favourites or even the more upmarket La Gusta or Xananas for a treat when the parents come to visit. Not forgetting our favourite drinking spots, Curiositea for coffee and chocolate specials or the Terrace Bar for the ultimate assortment of cocktails and other beverages. The choice is yours.


The surrounding area

Although campus itself is pretty much the middle of a field, Warwick’s location is so helpful. We have Coventry, Leamington, Birmingham and Warwick all within half an hour. If the campus bubble ever gets too much, there are so many sights to see in close proximity and the transport links are great to go elsewhere in the country.


While being at university is mostly fun and games, Warwick works on a hard and fast schedule. We currently have ten week terms that are shorter than most universities and are quite jam packed but then leave you with plenty of holiday time. Use them wisely; they go almost as quickly as term time does.

There are so many parts of Warwick that make it amazing that I couldn’t possibly fit all in this blog. I would really recommend Warwick to anyone who is looking, come along and try these experiences and many others that make Warwick special for yourself.

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