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Why you need to choose ROOTES!

After a few months, it will be that time of the year where you have to decide which accommodation to choose for you first year at Warwick. I hope you will not make a wrong decision after reading this entry.

There should be certain factors that you need to consider before selecting your choices: distance to central campus, people and en-suite facilities. Personally, en-suite is not any issue. I feared how I will spend life sharing a washroom. I failed to secure an en suite hall, but I never encountered any kind of problem. I never had to wait for the shower either. On another note, you save some pounds living in a non en suite hall.

Secondly, distance to central campus is a considerable point as well. Living on campus, there will never be any hall that is a segregated piece of land . However, some accommodations are a good 15-20 minutes’ walk from the central campus. By living close to central campus, you will always have the option of going back to your room between classes break and every lecture hall is at most a 5-7 minute walk until you do Biomed.

Lastly, people is another issue as well. Certain accommodations have certain stereotypes in Warwick. Usually, these stereotypes hold some significance as those type of people end in those halls. Though generally, getting good flat mates is a jackpot. This is because it is like a draw through which the University accommodates thousands of people in different halls.

Now I will move to the most awaited question, which halls fits every requirement in the best way?

ROOTES, it is!!!!

I live in Rootes and have loved the experience so far. I do not know which act of mine did God like to bless me with Rootes instead of my first choice- Westwood. Giving you some insight on Rootes, it is the Red Light District of Warwick, it is where all the pre drinks begin and the after parties end. The last sentence was the common myth people hold about this hall. However, on a realistic note, this is a hall where more fun loving people live. The kind of people that will not miss an opportunity to go out on a Monday night. If you are a people’s person, you will love this experience as you get to meet fun loving people.

Even if you unfortunately end up with flat mates you dislike, Rootes is like endless corridors and one can hang out more with people from other kitchens.

Rootes is one of those halls where you share a kitchen with eighteen people. As horrendous and terrifying it sounds, it is not an issue if you get sensible flat mates like me. Particularly, New Rootes has a huge kitchen that easily accommodates the number of people. Lastly, it is central. I cannot recall that I had to walk more than 5-7 minutes for any of my lecture. We have a grocery store nearby as well if you want something quick. There is a Rootes learning grid to support your work alongside some on campus restaurants.

At the end of the day, a lot of your flat’s experience will depend on the kind of flat mates you get. However, if you do not like any of them, there is a definite chance you will find other people from either your country or sports clubs or even your course that you can hang out with. I was lucky that I have some very friendly and fun loving flat mates. Living in Rootes, I may not be the most regular clubber. However, coming to University, I never wanted to live with people who wake up at 9am and only laugh on Harry Potter jokes.

My verdict: Choose Rootes and request for a room in New Rootes for a better Kitchen and everything.


My room and Kitchen:

My room

my room 2

I will elaborate more on other halls in my next blog!

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