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Why Why Why? – Why did I choose Warwick as my firm choice?

Given that we are entering that great time of the year when people are deciding on their firm and insurance choices, I thought it might be appropriate to write a post about why I actually made Warwick my firm choice and why I ended up coming here in September 2014.

– one of the main reasons for my interest in Warwick came from the fact that I wanted to study three languages. Truth be told, I don’t know exactly the situation with similar courses nowadays but back in 2014, there were not many universities which let students study three languages simultaneously – certainly not in equal measure. This did a lot of option narrowing for me and it meant that I was a member of Warwick’s first ever intake of BA Modern Languages students.

– a big decision which every university applicant could consider is if you would prefer to attend a campus or a city university. For many, such as myself, there is no overwhelming preference, but others certainly would never dream of attending one over the other. As you attend the various open days that universities lay on for prospective students, you will no doubt get a ‘feel’ of what the uni is like – use this instinct! When I visited Warwick, I was a big fan of the campus atmosphere, it didn’t seem too school-like and there was a real, vibrant student buzz everywhere you went. This, combined with the fact that it isn’t too far away from normal civilisation (Coventry, Birmingham, Leamington) made Warwick a place where I could really see myself.

– As I sort of mentioned in the last point, the location of a university is not a criterion to be discredited in your hunt for your future home. Personally, the aspects of Warwick’s location which made it my firm choice were:

– It isn’t in the middle of nowhere. If you want to get to a town/city, it really isn’t difficult to do so.

– It wasn’t too close to my home. It may sound silly, but I liked the idea of moving away from home and seeing a different part of the country.

– Neither of my sisters had attended Warwick – this was genuinely one of the reasons why I didn’t choose Bristol.

– This was perhaps the most influential quality of Warwick’s which sent it to the top of my rankings. Naturally, university rankings aren’t everything, but they should certainly be taken into account. Out of the UK universities which offered my course, Warwick was one of, if not, the most reputable and this was certainly a big factor. I very much liked the idea of attending an institution which provided such a high level of teaching, it offered a real sense of accomplishment and merit to my work.

I hope that these reasons will offer some kind of guidance, (whether it be persuasive or dissuasive) so that you can conclude whether Warwick definitely is the place for you.

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