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Why Warwick?

Hello all and welcome to my first blog! In case you haven’t read my bio, I am in my second year of my Biological Sciences degree and I am thoroughly enjoying it! If you have any particular requests for blog posts, or if you would like more information or have any questions, please feel free to leave me a comment.

For my first blog, I want to provide you with a sense of why I think you should consider Warwick, and what attracted me to Warwick. Everyone has different priorities, but here are 3 of the things that attracted me to Warwick:

1) At Warwick the first-year core modules are varied and I loved how my days would, for example, begin with a lecture on the structure of bacteria flagella and perhaps finish with a lecture on the nervous system. If you fancy a year in industry during your degree, or are seeking an exciting opportunity to study abroad for a year in one of the University’s partner institutions, there are opportunities to do this. There are also lots of career fairs, talks and networking (always worth a visit for the free coffee), with the option to book individual appointments to find out about careers that will personally suit you. You can apply to take part in the URSS (Undergraduate Research Support Scheme) in which you are provided with the funding and skills to carry out a research project in your summer vacation. This is invaluable for anyone who wants to go into research.

2) When I visited Warwick I straight away could see myself here. I loved the spacious campus and could see that it provided everything I would need. Not only did I like the piazza (which is taken over by the irresistible food market on Wednesday afternoons), the modern Arts Centre, and the array of cafes, restaurants and bars, it was the Gibbet Hill campus where Life Sciences is based, that struck me most. Throughout my first-year I loved the walk past the lake and through Tocil Wood to my classes each morning with my friends. The facilities are fab, with the Biomed Grid being a comfortable place to study, there’s the ICL suite that’s home to loads of Macs, and the café is a perfect place for a catch up with friends in between lectures.

3) It is easy to get to the University by train with Coventry station having good links with the rest of the country, such as Euston and Birmingham, and the station is only a short bus ride away from campus. It is also a good option for international students, especially with the bus that goes from the airport to main campus. I’m from Greater London and my flatmate travelled by air from France in less time than me by road!!

I would definitely recommend that you come to see us and get a sense of what studying Life Sciences at Warwick is like!

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