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Why Warwick was the right choice for me

Lucy McCormick
- History- History Society- Anything!
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As I’ve come to the end of my first term at Warwick, I’ve been reflecting on how I feel that I made the right choice of where to come to university. Has it been what I thought it would be? Have there been many surprises? Have I enjoyed it?


1) The community feel

Whether it’s being part of societies, sports teams, or any other group you find yourself in, I have found that Warwick feels like an exciting and friendly place to be. I have come across so many older students who have been enthusiastic about the uni and helping confused (and often lost) freshers like myself. This has made my first term fun and certainly busy!


2) Opportunities

There is so much to get involved in here! Already I have been presented with so many different things to get involved in: schemes like Warwick in Africa (where you can teach children in Africa for a few weeks over summer); research projects and grants;  and  domestic and international tours with  societies, to name just a few.


3) Campus

This was one of the biggest appeals for me when I came to visit on an Open Day. I loved how there was so much to do on your doorstep, and how convenient it was to be so near everything I would need! This helped me decide that I preferred campus over city universities (which is a personal preference and definitely varies from one person to another). A term in, I have loved being on a campus because  it’s so easy to get involved with events or activities because I’m only a few minutes away from everything!


4) The degree

The big one. I can only speak with personal experience from my own course, and just a term under my belt, but I am really enjoying my degree. This is definitely something worth looking into before you make your decisions, and I knew that Warwick offered what I would be most interested in. The workload felt quite intense in the first couple of weeks (especially after a three month-long summer), but I’m learning how best to balance it and work more efficiently. This is made easier by the fact that I enjoy what I’m learning about, so don’t underestimate the importance of looking at the course overview as part of your decision!


Overall, I’ve enjoyed my first term. It’s been challenging and exhausting at times, but fun and exciting too. Warwick feels like the right environment for me, and I’m so glad that I feel like I’m at the right uni!

Lucy McCormick
- History- History Society- Anything!
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