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Why Warwick was right for me (and hopefully you)!

You’ve done the hard work. You have researched all the universities, drafted your personal statement 8 times (maybe that was just me, forgive the perfectionist in me) and now you’ve sat back and got your offers. Now your end of the hard work has been done, it is easy for you to think that it is plain sailing from now. However, the most difficult and important decision is yet to come: Which university are you going to make my firm choice? 


Open days

This can be an expensive and often logistically challenging way of viewing universities, however, it is definitely one of the best. I know many people who loved a uni and were set on going there, only to arrive and discover it was nothing like they would’ve hoped. Being on campus, looking at where you will be studying, talking to students like those who will be your peers, is such a valuable experience in gauging what would be best for you. I would suggest everyone visit as many Open days as they can, especially offer days, to get a taste of what the university is about.


Course content

This is a very key aspect for many people. For example, if you wanted to study Renaissance history, the Venice stream at Warwick could absolutely be for you. For me, I wasn’t as bothered by this and so very rarely looked at the course content, and that is a fine approach as well! But if there is something you would specifically like to be studying on your course, finding one which best suits your interests is a great way to narrow down your choices. 


Academic Reputation 

For me, this was a huge reason why I choose Warwick. Knowing the amount of money I would be investing in my education, I wanted to be taught by the best. Looking at League tables became an obsession for me. This for some people didn’t matter at all, and again, that is absolutely fine! However, if this is something you care about, check out the complete university guide to see league tables assessed by subject and overall academic reputation. 



Knowing where your university is in the country is also something that you can easily overlook, but can be very important. I have loved that Warwick is less than an hour from home for me, meaning I am able to go home whenever I need to which helps with getting washing done and maintaining my friendships at home. In addition, if your university is in the middle of nowhere or right in the middle of a busy city can also influence your experience being there and something to take into account. 


Style of university

This is much more down to preference and something which you can only know by visiting. Some people only want to be in city universities, and don’t like the idea of campus style unis. For them, Warwick wouldn’t be for them, as it is very much a bubble. However, I really wanted to be on a campus uni, and Warwick was one of the best campuses I saw which obviously boosted how I felt about it. 


Despite all of this, there is no bad way of choosing the university for you. Finding what matters to you personally is what counts. It doesn’t matter what your friends are looking at, what your parents think or what you think is best for your career or future. You should look to where you will be the happiest and fulfilled, whatever aspect that may entail. 


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