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Why Warwick was my first choice

Around this time last year, I was starting to think about what to pick as my firm and insurance choices on UCAS- and feeling very stressed out about it! So for anyone else having the same struggles, I thought I would give a small summary of why I picked Warwick as my firm choice and some tips to help you decide.

First, if you have the opportunity to visit the universities you are interested in before making your decision, I would really recommend it because it can be a big help. While on the campus tour, without even knowing what I wanted to study yet, I could already picture myself studying in Warwick so that helped in my choice later on.

I fell in love with the campus immediately. I liked that it was a bit like a self-contained town with its own bookstore, shop, cinema and restaurants (and a special mention to the library which is amazing). The campus is so lovely and green too, with lots of places to explore! Even now after having been here for nearly two terms, I’m still discovering new areas.

Being from France, my family was also happy that Birmingham Airport is just about half an hour away by car, meaning that going home is quite simple for me, although I know some people prefer to catch the train from London which is also an option.

Additionally, I considered university league tables, and rankings specific to my course. My mom was a lifesaver for that and she helped me arrange lists with all the universities I was considering, and their various rankings from different sources (if I remember correctly the one I found the most helpful was the Times Higher Education one). Warwick is very well ranked for the subject that I eventually picked, Law, which was an important factor for me, and it also ranked extremely high for graduate employability. As an overall tip, make lots of lists if you are having a hard time deciding. I had lists for rankings, how much I liked the campus, which universities had the best modules and so on…

I would also recommend learning a bit more about what actual student life is like. I read a lot of student blogs, spoke to students there while on the campus tour, and talked to some of my teachers who had actually studied there as well. Ironically, the girl who gave me the campus tour was a Law student, but I didn’t ask her any Law related questions because I was interested in doing a PPE course at the time! There are also many videos on YouTube that can help you imagine what living and studying here is all about. Now that I’m actually in Warwick, I can tell you that it has exceeded all my expectations, and I am really loving everything about my time here.

I hope this was helpful, and please contact me if you have any questions! 🙂

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