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Why Warwick?: Maths and Physics

Choosing a university is tough; there are so many factors to consider! I would argue the most important factor is your chosen course, after all you will be studying your subject for at least three years. It should be something you are deeply interested in and excited to explore to a high level!

Warwick is one of the few universities that offer a joint Maths and Physics course, which made my university decision slightly easier. Regardless of your course, I would recommend the differences between universities as the course can vary greatly. Finding out what the modules are, whether there are any optional choices and what the forms of assessments are can help you choose the most suitable place for you.

I chose Warwick over other universities because of the ; when sitting in lectures and tutorials it is very clear the staff are highly educated in their fields, which means we get a great standard of education! In particular, my lecturers from last term were great at conveying the subject matter and making complicated concepts easier to understand. This is supported by Warwick’s high ranking in numerous university league tables, especially for Warwick Maths Department.

I also adore the we have on the Maths and Physics course. Rather than being restricted since we are studying most of the core modules from the Maths and Physics courses, this year I have been able to several modules myself. It’s been great to explore different parts of maths and physics, as well as to meet new people on my course. As a result of being able to learn a wide range of topics, I have realised how much of an overlap there is between many areas of maths and physics. Quantum mechanics uses concepts from analysis (like inner products and certain integrals) as well as from statistical mechanics. Fluid dynamics is a fascinating module which has very clear real-life applications to the weather and engineering planes, and yet uses ideas from vector analysis, an applied maths module. Not only does this overlap make my degree very exciting – all of these links keep reminding me how much I have learnt in the last two years- it also makes revision a little easier!

If you have any questions or want to find out more about the Maths and Physics course here at Warwick please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me by commenting below!

(Just a note: this is from my experience this year, module choice and content may vary in future years.)

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