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Why Warwick: Four years later

Being in my fourth and final year of Warwick, I have blogged about the decision making involved in choosing a university several times previously, and I have linked them at the bottom of this post. In these blogs, I discuss what things Warwick has which I think makes it stand out and some of the thoughts behind why I chose Warwick and a Maths and Physics degree. I am now over half way through my final year of university, and so feel like I am in the perfect position to reflect on how good my decision was! (Spoiler: it was the best choice I have ever made.)

Any university you choose to go to will probably end up feeling like a home, and that is certainly true for me at Warwick. The people I have met throughout my time here have become like a second family, who have supported me through the tough times and celebrated the great times at my side. I have also become really attached to campus and the surrounding area. Campus feels like a lovely little city, bustling and busy, with lots of things to do. Living in Leamington Spa for the last three years has shown me what it is like to live in a new town, and I have loved getting to know it better.

My degree has been challenging, stimulating and enlightening.  Delving into different areas of maths and physics has been fascinating, and I am glad I chose to do this degree.  It has been hard work, but my technical knowledge and skills have been improved so much. They say that university teaches you a different way of looking at the world, and I would say that is definitely true! My brain has been forced to comprehend some brain-bending theorems and mathematical proofs and has managed to do so! The flexibility of it has meant I have studied a variety of modules, ultimately specialising within applied maths and computational fluid dynamics. Many of the academics I have been lectured by have inspired me by their enthusiasm and expertise.

On a more personal level, I know that the opportunities that are available are incredible, and I wouldn’t have had the same experience anywhere else. I am certain that I wouldn’t be the same person if it wasn’t for all the good – and not so good – experiences I have had. Warwick is exciting, challenging, inspiring and bursting at the seams with incredible students doing incredible things. There are more societies and sports clubs and part-time job opportunities and work experience and volunteering roles than you can shake a stick at. As I look back at my time here, I have danced, practiced judo, done yoga, wrote for the student paper, volunteered, had a part-time job and campaigned on behalf of students. And that is what I love the most about being here; we are actively encouraged to “play hard” by getting involved in extra-curricular activities alongside “working hard” at our degree.

In short, Warwick is an incredible place to be a student and over the last three and a bit years I have learnt so much about myself and the world around me. I remember coming on an offer holder day before I started university. It was really useful to do this to get a feel of campus and what it would be like to study here. I find it exciting to look back at that day, when I had my whole Warwick future ahead of me, and reminisce about the amazing memories I have since made here.

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