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Why to study in Warwick, not in London?

Almost everybody considers location factor as one of the most important ones when choosing a university. There are great differences between studying in London universities and all others. I’m going to give you the challenges you may face while studying in London, which can affect your UCAS choices.

Everything is expensive.

Firstly, life in London is the most expensive in comparison to all other cities and towns in the United Kingdom. Comparing Coventry and London, accommodation prices are twice higher in the capital. Moreover, in London, it is quite difficult to find a huge supermarket, due to the fact that there is no space for such shops in the city centre. And the issue is that it is actually challenging to find a variety of meat, fish, fresh fruits and vegetables. Talking about Warwick, we have a Rootes shop, which actually has quite a big variety of products to choose from. And, more importantly, Tesco store in the Cannon Shopping Centre, which is a seven-minute work from the Piazza (central spot on campus). However, the best meat and fish are sold on Coventry market, which is in the Coventry city centre, which makes it accessible for students who live both on campus and in Coventry.

In addition, prices in cafes and restaurant in London are extremely high, and, obviously, while living in London, you eat there more often than cook at home, due to the fact, that it takes longer to get from the university to home and have self-prepared lunch.

Problems with accommodation.

To find the most people’s student accommodation choice for you in London, you have to start thinking about it a year before the start of the academic year. I fact, most students book their accommodation in April-May, that is obviously the final time since after this, you will not have any choices. In London, due to the great number of students, willing to book the accommodation, they sometimes have some problems, delays, so if they say that your room is booked, it might be not, due to the problems with the system and "your" room automatically goes to another student. And the only way for you to get a room is to wait until someone else cancels his booking.

In Warwick most students think about their accommodation almost a year before, but it’s still possible to find a nice variant in April-June.

The way from home to the university takes long.

London, being one of the biggest s cities of Europe, is an extremely huge city, with a great underground system and lots of buses’ routes. It’s almost impossible to get an accommodation next to your university, and, what is more, all the university buildings cannot locate next to each other, so you cannot live next to all the university departments in the same time. The way of most students takes from half an hour to an hour, due to the traffic jams and thousands of people in the morning, when you cannot even catch the first, second train.

Living on campus does obviously make your life easier when you need to get to the 9am lecture, because the longest way from on-campus accommodation to the campus violins is the way from Heronbank to Westwood which is a 25-minute walk (the route that most of the foundation course students have, since Foundation Studies office locates in Westwood, and we all live in New Sherbourne blocks which are in front of Heronbank).

Life on campus is fun. We are all together!

Last but not least! On campus we all are a huge community which comprises hundreds of big and small "families", which are clubs, societies and groups of friends. To my mind, on campus it’s easier to make new friends, meet new people. If you are still at school, imagine coming to your friends’ kitchen parties or organising your own ones.

The University of Warwick is a dream place, since it is not only a quiet and picturesque countryside, which makes it a perfect place to study and enjoy the nature; but also a great place where you can become a part of a "family", have fun and enjoy the best time of your youth.

If you are now thinking of your Firm and Insurance UCAS choices, then it is time to choose Warwick!

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