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Why Term 3 Has Been Awesome

Term 3 has actually been a really enjoyable term for me. Ok so this won’t apply to everyone – I know people that had exams in week 1 who also had exams in week 9. But us lucky humanities students often have a lot less exams: I had two in week 5 to be precise.

My personal tutor pointed out that there’s this widespread assumption at Warwick that if you’re not in the library 24 hours a day living off red bull and coffee, you’re not revising properly. I agree with him that this is utter nonsense. It’s unnecessary and unhealthy; you NEED breaks. For example, I actually went to more dance classes this term than I had done previously. As long as you do enough work throughout the year, exam season is fine. I for one found it less stressful than the constant essays throughout the rest of the year. I’d never force myself to get up early to find a seat in the library and I never worked past 11pm at night. As a result, my sleeping patterns actually improved and I felt more refreshed than ever. I guess I’m also just lucky that so much of my work was assessed throughout the year instead of all at once.

In the second half of the term, I was initially bored as most people still had exams so I filled the time by dancing and going swimming. Then when people were finishing, my days (and nights) were filled with picnics, days out and sleepovers. By this point in the year you will likely have made a really close group of friends, and especially now that exams are over and you have no excuse not to meet up with them, you become even closer. I almost forgot that university is a place of study!

Then clubs and societies started to put on events and socials in the last few weeks. I performed at Warwick Fringe and did 9 dances in the CMD showcase, which was intense to say the least! The socials also had a really lovely relaxed atmosphere as everyone just wanted to celebrate the end of exams. Of course there were many tearful goodbyes to finalists or those going on a year abroad next year, but hopefully I’ll stop crying one day.

My first year at uni just got better as the year went on and I really don’t want to leave for the summer now!

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