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Why should you join student societies?

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Every student, however hard they like to work, needs time away from their academic studies. Hours spent on end in the library, even if you’ve a large number of essays to complete, eventually becomes less productive as the amount of work becomes draining. In short, time for unwinding is essential. 

One brilliant way to achieve this at Warwick is through societies. Being a campus university means you’re likely to find your tribe through fellow students bodies rather than the sense of escapism offered in a city. Thankfully, Warwick appears to offer a society for every activity possible: academic, sports, culture. Think of a hobby, however bizarre or unusual, and it’s likely Warwick will have a dedicated group for it. Here’s why it’s an opportunity that must be taken. 

The reasons for joining a student society are immense. Quite often it can be a brilliant chance to pursue a personal interest further. If you’ve played in a brass band since the year dot, Warwick offers a chance to carry on that talent. Similarly, should cricket be something that immensely interests you, university provides the place to continue such a passion.

Inherently, such societies involve meeting different people who enjoy that similar passion. Though they’ll be a chance to make friends through your campus accommodation and course, societies offer that chance to go a bit further and extend your interest elsewhere. The opportunity to meet individuals who have such a fellow passion for the area of your interest is unmissable.

Many societies offer widespread chances to collaborate with outside speakers too. An individual is far more likely to come onto campus if they see an opportunity for speaking to a large group of people is on offer. Of course, that means working within the society to encourage turnout and ensure people are likely to attend. An event booked in a large room with low turnout is not an occasion anyone will look back on positively. 

After perhaps a year of being part of a society, the opportunity might exist to serve on the executive committee. Running for election is not an easy task by any means, and requires a great amount of courage. Yet attaining a position, elected by your fellow society members, is undoubtedly rewarding. This applies not only for your CV but the chance to work with other people and ensure good communication is paramount. For example, as a social secretary, you would be in charge of ensuring all the events ran smoothly. If you were successfully elected President, that would demand the ultimate responsibility. 

Most importantly though, the benefits that society membership can bring is through the memories that are created with people whom might become lifelong friends. From evenings (and nights!) out to fascinating speakers, a group project that has been created to meeting new students, the opportunities are endless. Yes, it can feel daunting going to a society’s first event, but, if the group are doing the right thing, they should be immensely welcoming and encouraging. It is something you won’t regret.

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Outside my degree, I am extensively involved with student journalism…
Find out more about me Contact Noah

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