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Why should I firm Warwick?

Hey everyone!

A blog post from me this time!

You will probably be at the stage of deciding which university you want to firm/insure and I want to help you out with that (and maybe even convince you why Warwick is the right choice…)

Important things you may want to consider (in no particular order):

– Course

– Campus/Location

– Food

– Study abroad opportunities

– Support

– People


It is important that you select a course which actually suits your interests! You now have various university offers to select from, so you should carry out some more research.

Look out for things such as the modules offered, their research focus, assessment methods available, how they are taught, etc.

Whilst I cannot guarantee which modules will be offered to you, my experience has been very positive. I have really enjoyed the modules I have studied, and couldn’t have asked for a better course! I have enjoyed my political economy modules and just finished writing my essay for comparative politics on the transitions to democracy in Rwanda and Burundi which was really interesting.

PAIS has a lot of modules available, no matter your interest, there probably is a module to suit your interest!


Do you want to be close to home? Further away? City? Rural?

Now, I can’t move the campus to your desired location, but I would like to emphasise that it is in a very convenient location; you can commute to Birmingham and London really easily, and other places are also accessible.

I really like the “Warwick bubble”, it is super easy to get to the city, yet campus is just lovely, you don’t want to leave! There is so much to do, so many events, activities, and people! You will meet somebody new every day (this is something I didn’t really believe prior to university, but honestly – it is so true)!

And, the campus is just beautiful:




IT IS BEAUTIFUL. And caters to all dietary requirements (I am a vegetarian!)

Photos will serve better here than anything I could write:




Study abroad opportunities

If you want to study abroad or even take a year out doing a work placement, Warwick is definitely the right choice.

I have previously written about the study abroad opportunities at PAIS, and there are many. For information on a voluntary year out: http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/services/academicoffice/studentrecords/students/placements/voluntary


Whether it is wanting support for personal matters, academics, or advice on future careers – you will probably find yourself looking at the PAIS website finding out the available support to you. PAIS and Warwick are great at this in my opinion. Being part of the SSLC I have seen first hand just how seriously the staff take the students, and it is great to see them actually delivering on our feedback.

Now, this is something where Warwick truly is amazing. It is an international community. I have made friends from all around the world, and it is exciting!

I honestly couldn’t ask for better friends 🙂





Shanita 🙂 xo

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