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Why PPE was the degree for me

Doyin Adekunle | Philosophy, Politics and Economics Contact Doyin

Hi everyone! Today’s blog post will be about how I chose my PPE degree and my experience of PPE here at Warwick. It’s strange to think that my degree will be over in less than two-months’ time when it still feels like it was just yesterday that I arrived on campus for freshers’ weekend. Happy reading and, as always, please feel free to post any comments you have below!

How I chose PPE

Like a lot of the people I know who study PPE, I chose this degree because I have a range of academic interests and I wanted to ensure that my degree would give me the opportunity to explore as many of them as possible. All throughout secondary school, I was interested in a wide range of subjects, and even when it came to choosing my A Level subjects, I couldn’t bring myself to pick a particular ‘subject path’. The AS and A levels I chose to study were history, further maths, Maths, English Literature and Psychology, either because I had enjoyed them at GCSE or, in the case of Psychology, I had never studied them before but wanted to gain insight into them. However, although I really enjoyed my A level subjects, I also knew that I didn’t want to continue with any of them to degree level. So when it came time for me to choose a degree subject, I spent some time thinking about what features/parts of each of my A level subjects I enjoyed, and then did some research into what other subjects had those features. For example, something that I really enjoyed about English Literature was how we would always take time to reflect on the social and cultural context in which a piece of text was set; this exercise always led us to think about society (its rules, its religions etc.) in a very abstract way, and this made me think that I would enjoy studying philosophy (and I was right!) because abstract analysis is what philosophy is all about. My advice to anyone unsure about studying PPE because they’ve never studied any of the three subjects before is that you should think about the subjects you currently study and enjoy, and then make sure you’ll be able to explore those interests or use those skills in PPE.

How my degree has helped me

I remember how in first year, my Ancient Philosophy module lecturer (who is one of the best lecturers I’ve ever had) stood at the front of the lecture theatre and spoke to us about how, if we (the students) allowed it to, studying philosophy would change our minds, lives and ways of seeing the world. He told us about how he had taught students in first year and on graduation day when he was saying goodbye to them, I could barely believe how much they had flourished in confidence, critical thinking and understanding of themselves and the world around them. I remember thinking at the time that that sounded amazing but being somewhat sceptical about how ‘radically’ studying philosophy could change me. I was wrong. I’ll be graduating in a few months’ time and I can honestly say that there is hardly an aspect of my mind and thinking which is the same as when I arrived at Warwick. Studying philosophy (as well as two of my politics modules – African Politics, and Gender and Development) has truly changed the way I see and engage with others and the world around me. I think that studying PPE has improved me as a person because in addition to the (really interesting) knowledge I’ve gained, it’s helped me become a more confident, compassionate and thoughtful individual.

Studying PPE has also helped me in a ‘more practical’ ways as its provided me with the opportunity to explore modules that relate to what I want to pursue as a career after Warwick. I’ve been able to study modules and topics from all three disciplines relating to African development – Applied Ethics (the poverty topic), African Politics, Gender & Development, and Development (Macro)Economics – which is a very big passion of mine and something I’m hoping to spend the rest of my life working on. PPE at Warwick has also enabled me to prepare for ‘life after graduation’ as I’ve been able to study modules outside of the three departments, and this year I’m studying modules from the Warwick Business School in order to gain a better insight into the world of business that I’ll hopefully be working in once my degree is over.

Why PPE *at Warwick*

I’m not entirely sure how it works at other universities, but one thing I really appreciate about doing PPE at Warwick is how organised everything is! Although I’m doing a joint honours degree, I don’t have to liaise with all three of the Philosophy, Politics and Economics departments every time I have a question about my degree. Instead, there is a dedicated (and friendly!) PPE office to which I can direct all of my questions and receive guidance concerning my module choices, PPE pathway requirements etc. When people outside of Warwick find out that I study PPE, they’re sometimes really confused as to how I juggle three very different subjects at university, and I definitely know that one of the reasons it’s been so doable is because the PPE department at Warwick is really efficient and supportive!

That’s it for today’s blog post; thanks for reading, and I hope everyone is having a great Easter break!

– Doyin

Doyin Adekunle | Philosophy, Politics and Economics Contact Doyin

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