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Why one should study Chemistry?

Choosing to spend 3/4 years studying one subject is not exactly easy as you genuinely have to have a passion to wanting to study that subject in particular.

I chose Chemistry as a back up option after applying for undergraduate Medicine. I was unfortunately unsuccessful after interview, and Medicine was something I wanted to study all along from childhood. These rejections hit me very hard and I pretty much ended up becoming depressed for the rest of my final year in A Levels. However, I must say I’m extremely lucky to have had an inspirational Head of Sixth Form. He himself was a Masters graduate from Warwick University having studied Chemistry, and he was always someone, I looked up to. He’s one of the reasons I chose to apply for Chemistry at Warwick, and I’m extremely glad I did at the end.

Chemistry has always been my favourite science during school, and I always wanted to go more into depth of certain topics when I was studying them during A Levels such as stereochemistry and NMR. I guess everywhere you go, you always find someone to aspire too. So just like I had that teacher during Sixth Form, even during my degree I have met so many lecturers that I simply find astonishing even today such as Dr. Jon Rourke, who wrote one of our Inorganic textbooks, Dr. Fox, who is literally like a guru when it comes to spectroscopy – there’s nothing he doesn’t know, and then Dr. Russ Kitson, who is amazing in his teaching style from using lectures as well as problem based workshops within organic. There’s also a lot more, who all are extraordinary in the work they do.

I have a few reasons to share with you as to why you should study Chemistry at university:

Chemistry is everywhere – in the clothes we wear to the gases we breathe in. It is not only a STEM science, but also known as "the central science" as it incooperates a lot of other subjects such as Physics and Biology.

At Warwick, the course is very interdisciplinary with MathLabs, a lot of Physics and Biology. You also have options in second and third year, too. For example, to take up a business module, or a teaching related module, however this is something that could change in the future.

With a degree in Chemistry, you actually have a lot of career options including patent law, teaching, finance, research, GEM etc. Hence you have those three years you spend at university to make up your mind about what you wish to pursue a career in after.

You also get a lot of contact hours with all the labs, tutorials, workshops, seminars and lectures you have. This means a lot of time you’re able to have a combination of theoretical and practical approaches of the course.

You develop life essential skills such as research skills, analytical skills, written and oral communication skills, creativity and numerical and computational skills.

You get to have opportunities to go and work in industry for a year, do internships or summer research placements, which come in extremely handy if you want to either do postgraduate study, or want to go into something purely science related.

The course at Warwick is also RSc accredited and with all the lab reports and journal articles we have to do, we learn how to use appropriate referencing styles and we constantly use new softwares such as chemdraw and avogadro. In this way, our IT skills are massively developing as well.

These are only a few reasons as to why you should choose to study Chemistry,and there’s a million more! If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below and I will get back to you.

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