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Why Liberal Artists Stand Out

If you can’t already tell, I love calling myself a Liberal Artist. It just sounds quite cool doesn’t it? I’m also proud of being one. Here’s why:

Ok it can get a little annoying explaining to people what my course entails, but that’s just something you have to get used to. Hopefully in the not-so-distant future however, people will actually have an idea of what Liberal Arts is and it won’t need explaining anymore. People’s reactions are almost always identical; their initial reaction is one of curiosity. When you explain the content of the degree, they exclaim ‘That sounds so cool/interesting!’. They then proceed to state either how hard the degree must be or that they wish they did/could’ve done the course. However, without fail the conversation swiftly moves to ‘So what kind of job does that lead to?’. I reply in a confident manner ‘Pretty much anything. Such versatility makes me employable and leaves my options open’. Just like that they’re convinced that the degree is attractive and worthwhile, and in all honesty, I am too:

The truth is that Liberal Arts is an attractive degree to employers, regardless of whether they know it is. Those that know what such a degree entails are more likely to offer you an interview because they understand the benefits of and skills developed by a liberal education. Those that do not know what Liberal Arts is are also more likely to give to offer you an interview over someone else because they are intrigued as to what the degree comprises of and want to find out more. In the interview this is your opportunity to sell yourself to employers and tell them why Liberal Arts sets you apart from the heaps of other graduates. It is up to you to construct such an answer.

To be honest, I’ve got no idea what job I want when I’m older. What I do know is that a degree in Liberal Arts sets me up for a variety of careers and I genuinely believe that it will make me more employable.

Another reason that Liberal Arts students stand out is that, at Warwick anyway, all the students in my year are very capable and intelligent. I’ve studied modules from around the university and a few of those students are just not at the same intellectual level as my fellow students that I work with in core Liberal Arts modules. Whenever we do group work, almost every single person in our cohort can be relied upon to pull their weight, something that you don’t always find on certain courses. I think this is because our course leaders are extremely thorough when offering placing on the course, so as to ensure that everyone chosen is suited to this nature of study.

Have a wonderful Christmas! X

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